How To Choose The Best Running Shoes For High Arches


Not all feet are created equal. Every type of feet has its comfort demands and specific considerations, particularly in terms of the arch type. And if you have high arches, you’ve probably been struggling to cap your feet with optimum support for shock absorption. How should you choose the best running shoes?

According to, when it comes to selecting your ideal pair of running shoes, you need to settle with the one that has plenty of cushioning to elevate your performance, achieve the maximum level of comfort, and prevent injuries and other issues associated with high arches. Therefore, you can’t just pick out any running shoes that you see in a store just because they look cool and you want to keep up with the fashion hype; there are important factors you need to closely consider.

Benefits of Choosing the Right Type of Running Shoes for Your Feet

Choosing the best running shoes according to the specific features of your feet is inevitably crucial. But once you find the perfect tweak for your feet, it can make a lot of difference in your performance and comfort needs and you’ll surely reap many benefits.

  • People with high arches are prone to shin splints, ankle strain, and plantar fasciitis but these can be prevented with proper footwear. It also prevents any potential injuries and knee or foot pain.
  • You can enhance your running efficiency and overall performance.
  • According to, the right type of shoes for your high-arched feet can provide optimum breathability that wards off sweat and moisture, keeping your feet cool and fresh all the time. This can also prevent bacterial growth due to odor and moisture.
  • Your feet can indulge in superior comfort and therefore, helps you keep up with your pace while enjoying your running routines.
  • Because they are specially designed for high arches, your feet will benefit from an excellent quality that won’t easily wear out. They offer great durability that can last for years.

How Should You Choose the Best Running Shoes for High Arches?

Check The Cushion Level

Underpronators or people with high arches tend to hit the ground with the outer side of their heel. This causes the feet to land or tilt slightly outward which leads to more pressure and shock on the lower leg. Therefore, underpronators need plenty of cushioning to rectify this issue and get adequate support and comfort for their feet.

Consider Flexibility And Shoe Weight

To help your feet move comfortably while running, it’ll be much better if your shoes are flexible and lightweight. Underpronators don’t necessarily need thick midsoles for the optimum support on the feet. If the running shoes are light and flexible enough, the feet movement won’t feel restricted and therefore, prevents the feet from any pain.

Know Your Size

Choosing the correct size is always a must. Besides the specific features for high-arched feet, you also need to determine what your size is to fully benefit from superior comfort and support. You can take the dimensions of your feet and refer to the size chart the manufacturer provides.

Check The Durability

If you want your shoes to stick around for years, you should always go for durable quality shoes. Many brands offer a variety of patented technologies and auxiliary features that reinforce the quality of their running shoes which also provide additional benefits in terms of comfort, support, performance, and running efficiency.

Wrapping It Up

Finding the best running shoes for high arches can be a bit tough. But taking some time to review the benefits and significant factors in choosing the ultimate running footwear can provide a lot of benefits in the long run. You’ve got to take note of the cushioning but you also need to consider the shoe weight, flexibility, size, and durability.

There might be overwhelming options all over the market but once you find the perfect fit for your feet, you can prevent the issues associated with high arches and other pitfalls that can affect your performance. It can maximize your running efficiency and let you revel in healthy and fun running!