How To Choose The Best Bike For 4-5 Year Old Kids


If you have a boy or a girl (or both) that enjoy outdoor activities you would want to support that and let them spend as much time outside as compared to sitting by a computer screen or with a tablet in their hands. Saying this, riding a bike is one of the best activities for children and adults, and once you learn how to ride it you can always get back to it knowing the technique and mechanics. Enjoying a beautiful Saturday ride in the park can be an excellent way to spend some family time together.

Still, in order for this to be accomplished, you will need to get your child a specific bike for kids especially if your child is the age between 4 to 5. But not before 4 years. Because it may be harmful for them. When your baby starts crawling you can give him/her a walker to help walking. And when they completely learn walking you can think about a bike. For this the age between 4 to 5 will be best. This shouldn’t represent a problem as the market offers tons of high-quality bikes that fulfill the requirements of a kid’s bike and it is just a matter of your choice on which one you will buy. Having this in mind, there are a few factors you should look in when searching for an adequate bike for your kid. Let’s take a look!

The Key Factors That An Adequate Bike Should Have

  1. One of the first things you should look at when buying a bike for your children is the size. And if we are looking at the age between 4-5 the optimal wheel size will usually be 12 inches. Still, for some children the 14 inches one might be even better especially if your kid is somewhat taller and you want him to have an easier time riding over the obstacles.


  1. Along with that, as the Just Not Sports website claims you should be looking for a kid’s bike that has all the components scaled down proportionally and not just the frame size. And look for a bike that has a pedal that is close and comfortable for stopping in dire need.
  1. According to, you should look for a bike that is high quality but not that heavy either. A bike that isn’t as bulky will be much easier to carry and transport around.


  1. Last but not least is to be sure that your child sits and tries out the bike before you buy it. You will see if he/she is comfortable operating the bike and controlling the brakes and gear levels.

The Best 4-5-Year-Old Children Bike Options Out There

  1. BMX Freestyle Kid’s Bike. This bike that is adequate for boys and girls is a beautiful and unique model that will let your kid have some really fun time out there in the park. There are multiple colors available, and wheel sizes that range from 12 to 20 inches. Also, it comes with a set of training wheels and even has a releasable Seatpost. With safety grips and chin guard included, you shouldn’t worry about your kid falling and the bike has a great coaster brake as well that will allow your kid to stop at any given moment. The only two cons are that the seat might not be as big (though it is comfortable once you sit) and that the bike is somewhat heavy to carry around. Still, this BMX Kid’s Bike has to be one of the best around!


  1. JOYSTAR Girl’s Bike. This proclaimed girl’s bike can once again be ridden by a girl or a boy and with a beautiful pink-blue design it is sure to catch an eye of the public out there. The wheel size is either 14 or 16 inches, and the bike itself is especially easy to assembly – you will need 15 minutes at most. As the Just Not Sports suggests it is a great bike for learning, and the safety is once again assured as for examples the chains are kept on the distance from your kid’s reach. The only visible con is that the warranty is somewhat limited to a short span of time. Taking everything into consideration, this JOYSTAR is a great choice for your kid that is 4-5 years old.


Getting your child a bike is one of the best moves you can make and it will keep them away from all the risks of technology at least for now. Along with that, riding a bike is really healthy and a great way to spend time together as well. Saying this, go ahead and pick the right model for your adventurous child!