How To Calculate The Conception Date

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Getting pregnant is one of the most beautiful things out there, and as is being a parent. Some couples try for a long time before the conception occurs, and once it does it is one of the best feelings that you will experience (of course if it was planned). And in 9 months, well in 9 months you will give birth to a beautiful baby that is a sign of love between you and your partner, and something that will give your life meaning for years to come.

Still, when we talk about conception some women are not sure to calculate the right date so they know how much time are they pregnant, and when can they expect to give birth. Luckily, online there are multiple websites offering this service and it is pretty easy to use yet you are getting much valuable information. Check here for more. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the how to calculate the conception date and the benefits of using an online calculator!

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When Can You Conceive

  1. Well although there should be a strict answer to this we can argue on that and maybe the safest time frame to give as an answer is from 1 to 21 days after the first day of your last period. The thing is, the sperm cell can keep living in the body and wait for the ovulation to come even a week before it. And as it is not that easy to figure out how much ovulation lasts (especially in some women) this answer is good enough. That is why using an accurate ovulation calculator might be of great benefit. Of course, women that went through artificial insemination process are usually better informed on their conception date as the process determines it.
  2. An important fact is that sperm can live in the reproductive tract of a woman for more than a few days before finally dying off, meaning that it might wait for the ovulation process to come. As of ovulation once it occurs you will be feeling much sexier, and probably eager to get into intercourse as your hormones are raging. And don’t forget that egg is accommodated for 3 days before finally being released into the uterus.

How Does The Conception Date Calculator Work

  1. It might not be 100% correct but it can still give you more than good of an estimate on when is your conception date. It uses the process of calculating the conception date by the first day of the last period, and the days of your ovulation. The chances of getting the exact day aren’t likely unless you only had one intercourse in the past cycle.
  2. You just need to put in the LMP info and your cycle length, and the calculator should give you the estimated conception date. On average we can say that the conception occurs two weeks before the menstrual cycle stars, but as mentioned above the conception can occur even a week before the ovulation process starts (as the sperm stays alive for more than a few days in the reproductive tract). If we look at the average length of a cycle that should be 28 days you can say that the conception is likely to happen on that day.
  3. Though not 100% correct the conception date calculator still gives an excellent estimate as it uses an easy algorithm that follows the length of your menstrual cycle combined with the LMP date.


If you are not sure on your conception date and you want to know it either because of pure interest or certain need the conception date calculator might be just right for you. It is easy to use, and you will be getting the info good enough to satisfy your interest and prepare you for the upcoming months.