How Safe Are Real Money Online Casinos?


The advanced technology has brought new opportunities and concerns to people. Logically, one of the things that have changed a lot is the habits that we have. We are not patient enough to wait a couple of minutes in the line at the store. Logically we would rather choose to purchase different items online with a couple of clicks.

However, the way how people have fun has also changed a lot. This change has influenced even the youngest generations. Many years ago, kids were going out to play basketball, run, play different games, etc. It was an entertaining way to spend time after finishing homework. However, even kids are spending a lot of their free time. If they remained physically active and know how to use the Internet, then this change should not worry as a lot.

However, what about grownups? Well, everyone who is older than 21 can have access to different gambling websites. The online casinos itself are a great way to fulfill your free time. Spending time on social media becomes boring sooner or later. Yet, testing your luck in an online casino is always entertaining.

The popularity of online casinos has brought many questions. Every new gambler wants to know how safe real money online casinos are. Well, this depends on many factors. But, the overall impression is that online casinos are safe if they are reliable.

What does this mean?

It means that you can’t expect security from every online casino. We need to stay objective and honest. Some casinos only want to make a profit. In other words, they are scams. Because of that, the first thing you should do is to do proper research on the best online casinos. We recommend you visit and find out which casinos are the best ones.

Yet, telling you that some casino is safe won’t make things clearer, right? Well, in this article, we want to explain to you why every gambler can feel safe while gambling in online casinos.

Let’s find out that together.

License or Registration

Okay, this is the first sign that a casino where you want to gamble is safe. Every professional online casino will provide proof of licenses or registrations. In most cases, you can find them somewhere on their website. If the casino where you want to gamble is not licensed, then it means that you can’t expect security. Running away from this type of website is the best possible move you could make.

Software They Use Are Tested

Every casino that has a license has gone through some tough controls before they got the license itself. That is enough evidence that every gambler is safe. Yet, let us describe this a bit more.

First of all, the games itself are directly offered by certain casino games developers. They are not the property of the casino itself. However, because of that, every casino needs to ensure reliable software that will control things. There are several different reliable software companies like Playtech, RTG, and Microgaming. They are the most popular ones among casinos.

Yet, all the software solutions that they develop are tested by the independent third-party auditing system. In other words, independent authorities are checking if the software that casino use is fair and safe.

Fortunately, several different authorities can confirm the quality of the software. Some of the most popular ones are eCOGRA and TST Labs. These two independent authorities are focused on processing software checks. In this way, they want to ensure that all payouts are fair. Despite that, they also want to see if they are granted in compliance with international gaming standards.

So, there is one thing that every gambler should know. When you visit an online casino, go to the bottom of the website. There you will find a link that confirms the approval of one of these two independent authorizes. In other words, you will know that the software that a current casino is using is completely legit.

Keep in mind one more thing. The certification information should usually be updated several times in one year. At least, that is something that safe casinos are doing. If you see that something like that is not happening, then you should get out of the website.


Have you ever heard about these two acronyms? Well, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer while TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. Why are these two things important for the gamblers?

Well, these two things are certifications that guarantee maximum safety. However, this time, these certifications are focused on keeping personal data of gamblers safe.

Yet, there is one more way how you can be sure that your personal data is safe. Some casinos are doing that by using HTTPS. More precisely, the casinos are using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Security. Well, this is a security protocol that guarantees safe communication over the network. It is some sort of combination made of HTTP and SSL/TLS technology. If some sort of malicious attack happens, these certifications are protecting you from them. There is no chance that your personal data will somehow get exposed.

More Withdrawal Options

Does your casino have only one or two withdrawal options? If the answer is “yes”, then we recommend you find another one. Every professional online casino always offers trusted deposit options. The online casinos with relatively few deposit and withdrawal casinos are something you should avoid.

For instance, the reliable casinos will offer you provides like PayPal, Visa, and Neteller. If you find those that are offering cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawal options, then you can be completely sure that your money is safe.

If there is an option that you are not familiar with, we recommend you research it online. It might happen that you haven’t heard about it. However, that doesn’t mean it is not reliable.

Conclusion: Don’t Rush

We know that you are desperate to start gambling online. This truly is one of the most entertaining activities. Yet, give yourself time to find the best online casinos. We provided you with a link where you can get more info. It will speed up your research without any option to make a mistake.