How Nurses Are Changing the World of Fashion Scrubs

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Nurses are changing the fashion world with new, hip scrubs that are fitting better and look more like scrubs that you would see on Grey’s Anatomy than in your traditional hospital. But the change isn’t just because nurses want to look better; it’s because they wear scrubs for 12 hours or more at a time.

Scrubs are very different from medical supplies, where a urinal or bed pad has been standardized. Sizes and styles vary. Every nurse has a different body type and trying to find the right set of scrubs that offer a flattering look while promoting comfort is key.

Junior Fit Scrubs are a Thing

Junior fit scrubs are becoming popular with younger nurses. These scrubs are meant to have a shorter back length and also include short sleeves. From chest to hips, these scrubs have a closer fit and will also have pants that have a lower rise.

These are slimmer, well-fitted scrubs that hug the body.

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Women’s Fit Scrubs Still Exist

Women’s fit scrubs or “missy fit” scrubs are those that have a top length that is longer and works to cover more of the hips. Worn primarily by older nurses, these scrubs come with pants that are mid-rise and sit at or slightly above the waistline in many cases.

Less snug, these scrubs remain a comfortable option and have a relaxed fit that many nurses prefer over their junior fit options.

Unisex scrubs are also coming into fashion, and these are roomier options that have a higher waistline.

The introduction of men into the nursing world is also having an impact on the scrubs that we see in hospitals. Men’s scrubs have roomy sleeves and are a bit longer on the top. A natural waistline is featured, and the pants have a more relaxed feel than the competition.

Measuring is Becoming Popular

Body measurements are very important, but a lot of people ignore measurements – especially men. “I’ll take a small, large, medium,” or another size is what many nurses think. But there is a drastic difference from one brand or type of scrub to the next.

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Scrubs have different measurements just like any other top or bottom that you may choose.

If you want to purchase scrubs that fit well, it’s best to start taking your measurements and find a sizing chart on the scrub seller’s website to find the right fit. You’ll be measured in four key areas:

  1. Hips. The hips are very important, and you’ll want to start with your feet together as you stand up. Measure the fullest part of the hips to find your correct measurement.
  2. Inseam. An inseam is measured by measuring the inside of the leg, one inch below the ankle.
  3. Measuring the waist is essential, and you’ll want to measure just under your natural waistline, keeping the tape measurer loose.
  4. Bust. The bust is the final area that should be measured, and this is done under the arms at the fullest part of the chest.

Using these measurements, you’ll be able to find well-fitting scrubs that are more hip than they are frumpy.