How Much Did Jimmy Kimmel Get Paid for Hosting the Emmys?

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On Sunday, September 18, the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards were held in Los Angeles. Shows like Game of Thrones and the fan-favorite The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story won a couple of awards.

Emmys are prestigious awards and the ceremony is televised all over the world, like the Oscar ceremony. Thus, Jimmy Kimmel from Jimmy Kimmel Live! talk show was chosen to host this event. This show is popular across the America and even wider, and the fans want to know how much Jimmy Kimmel get paid for being the host of 2016 Emmys. Moreover, they search his net worth all over the internet.

Jimmy Kimmel has been a host of a talk show for more than two decades now, and his net worth is about $35 million. Just from the show, he earned around $10 million. This has been his second time hosting the Emmys. The last time he did that was in 2012. Moreover, he has been nominated for an Emmy six times so far.

The viewers, who are usually enchanted by the glamor and luxury that accompany the ceremonies such as the Oscars, Grammys, and Emmys, ask themselves how much money the hosts get for. Besides earning a lot of money, they also become more famous due to the international coverage.

Although it will remain a mystery, they do get somewhere between $15,000 and $1 million, including bonuses for their opening monologs which they write themselves. Of course, the contracts are private, but the amount of money depends on popularity at that moment. Taking this into consideration, we can only guess how fat a paycheck Jimmy Kimmel got for his work at the 2016 Emmys.

Some of the previous hosts were Jane Lynch, Neil Patrick Harris, Seth Meyers and Andy Samberg, who had the honor to host the event last year.