How Lottery Is Played Around the World


Playing Lotto and other games organized by lotteries is popular all over the world. It is something that is even part of the tradition in certain countries, so people play lottery games on certain days of the week. Everywhere in the world, it is done differently, and the reason for that is the diversity in the culture and the diversity in the way the games are organized, but also the habits of the people. For example, in most parts of the world, people play lotto and lottery games online through specialized sites, for which you can check out What’s the difference between the lottery systems in other countries? What are people’s habits? Which country has the biggest lottery? Find out here because that’s exactly what we’re talking about today.

Online or offline — it depends on where you live. The United States leads the way in terms of state-run lotteries. In Europe, some countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland also run their lotteries. Meanwhile, less developed countries often rely on government subsidies and sponsorship to fund their games. But anyway, lotteries exist in both forms – online and offline. The choice is up to the players themselves which of the ways they will choose. Of course, both ways have their advantages and disadvantages, but the decision is still up to the players themselves which advantages they want to feel and accordingly choose the most suitable way for them to enjoy the lotto games.

There are several types of lotteries. They include scratch cards, instant win tickets, national lotteries, raffles, bingo, and pari-mutuel wagering and the most popular choice is the Lotto, a game that has a large number of possibilities and advantages and that is why the largest number of players choose it. Most companies offer multiple lotto options. Some states require residents to purchase specific lottos before they start playing. Others allow players to play from home or on mobile devices. After this, we see how different the arrangement of lotto games is around the world. So let’s see a little more about this to make things clearer, but also to familiarize yourself with what possibilities exist, and you can find more details in the continuation of today’s article.

1. In Australia

Lotteries in Australia are known as Ozlotteries. Most States hold lotteries four times per year. However, some regions run their weekly lotto games along with the Australian states. Each state has its regulations on how much money can be won each week and how many people can buy into the game. Players register with state lottery offices for free. There are two types of lotteries in Australia – ‘Cash’ and ‘Lotto’. Cash lotteries offer prizes ranging between $100 – $1000 for matching five numbers, whereas Lotto offers prizes ranging between $15 – $200,000 depending on the size of the jackpot. Prizes may vary slightly according to the State. The possibilities are many, which is why a large number of players decide to play one of the games and feel the benefit of the excitement, fun, and potential winnings that lotteries in this part of the world bring.

2. In New Zealand

Auckland holds New Zealand’s first-ever National Lottery draw for the annual Lotto Superdraw every Saturday night from 6 pm to midnight. Auckland’s Lotto is a fixed-odds game where players choose six numbers out of 44 balls numbered 1 to 44. Prizes start at NZ$50,000 and increase based on the total number of tickets sold. A single ticket costs NZ$1.00. People in New Zealand have accepted lotto games as part of their tradition for their days off, but also as an option that can bring them extra cash and a way to try their luck.

3. In Brazil

The Brazilian government began the creation of the National Lottery in July 1998, and over the years they legalized the online playing of lotto games through specialized Brazilian and international sites. The first drawings were held in December of the same year, starting with the drawing entitled “Bola na Cabeça”. Since then, the following years saw the introduction of new drawings and new categories, increasing the number of winners and the prize amounts. Today, the Brazilian National Lottery consists of three different draws: Bola da Vez (once-only), Jogo Único (one winner per day) and Jogo do Prazer (weekly), and a large number of online services can also be witnessed which offer the possibility of playing the lotto games online.

4. In Singapore

Singapore started its lottery system in 1991. At present, they have eight weekly draws and six monthly draws. Currently, participants can win SGD$250M per month, SGD$400M per month, SG$500M per month, or SG$750M per month. Winning numbers are generated randomly using computer software. Also, in recent years there has been a growth in playing Lotto games through online services that offer a large number of bonuses, bonus games, and different forms of lotto games and games of chance.

5. In Russia

There are three different Russian national lotteries; Mega Millions, Powerball, and Lotto. They differ slightly in rules, regulations, and prize amounts. Drawings occur once per week on Thursdays and Saturdays, and paying for lotto games online is also available as a more practical option. The Lotto draws are divided into four rounds: 6 numbers, 5 numbers, 4 numbers, and 3 numbers. Each round has varying jackpots. The top prize for the Mega Millions is US$150 million while the others have lesser prizes.

6. In the USA

In the United States, lotteries are usually played in the evening. As of May 2012, the largest lottery jackpots amounted to over 50 million dollars. Lotto was introduced in 1976 and now has 43 states participating. Powerball was launched in 1992 and currently holds 16 states involved. The biggest PowerBall jackpot amounted to $US40 million. Trends in the United States say that more and more lotto is played online through the available services, but it can also be seen that the decline of people who play lotto payments in one of the physical locations is not so drastic.

Lotteries are an integral part of the habits and lives of people all over the world – online and offline. The trends in the world say that online lotto services are in demand and that they are more practical, why this way you save time, but also enjoy playing lotto games from your favorite place, so it would be good for you to join the online versions of these games, and of course to enjoy the opportunities and chances that these games of chance provide.