How Long Does it Take to Get an Online Divorce?


If you do some digging, you’ll see that there are actually various methods for getting a divorce. Naturally, opting for the traditional way is usually more time-consuming and overwhelming, However, there is an additional thing that you can opt for doing – you could finish the entire process over the Internet.

We do live in a technologically-driven era, which makes filing for a divorce over the Internet quite logical. Now, you should remember that it’ll probably rely on certain requirements, the country you reside in, as well as if you and your soon-to-be ex-partner agree on the particular terms of the process, which can prevent the need for appearing at.

Since it is a relatively modern concept, you may be wondering – how could I get this done online? Luckily for all people searching for an answer to this question, this article could be able to assist you. The text below will feature all things that you must know about listing for a separation online. Let’s take a closer look:

Step 01: First Things First – You Must Agree on All Terms

In order for you to get a divorce over the Internet, you must agree on all the terms. For example, if you do not agree on things such as the custody over your children, the entire process might be considered contested and it might need to be taken to court. Hence, before everything else, ensure that you agree to the terms.

Step 02: Find a Reliable Platform

Your next step in the process is finding a reliable platform. Fortunately, there are various websites such as that offer these services, hence, you’ll be able to file for it in a matter of minutes. Although the sign-up process will depend on the platform you choose, generally, the process looks the same.

So, when you are on the website, you’ll need to submit your basic information such as your name and contact info, enter your location and whether or not you have children, submit your partner’s information and location, and lastly, you’ll need to choose a payment method that will confirm the filing.

Step 03: It May Take Some Time

As mentioned, filing for a separation online is quicker. However, depending on the entire circumstances of your divorce – such as if you both agreed to the terms – it might take from three months to two years to complete the entire process. If the process is uncontested it will likely take three months for you to get separated.

On the other hand, a contested process will probably take one year to complete. Now, the time will drastically depend on several aspects, including the state, judge, as well as if both parties what to speed things up or delay them even further. This is why it is important for both of you to agree to the terms.

Step 04: Preparing The Documents Properly is Crucial

If you want to make the entire process less complex, you’ll need to prepare the filing properly. What does this mean? Well, it means that getting an online separation is for people who can work on the terms of their divorce together, instead of arguing at court. This is why you’ll need to figure out some things first.

For starters, you must know where your partner is and you’ll both also need to agree to be separated. Together, you’ll need to look through all the property and assets you have, and if you have children, you must agree on the alimony, as well as the custody over the children.

Step 05: File It!

When you are done with all of the aforementioned things and when you prepare all of the documents you need, your next task is to file for an online divorce. As we mentioned earlier in the article, it is relatively easy – especially since it is quite similar to signing up for a website.

Frequently Asked Questions: Explained

Naturally, this entire concept is new, which is why you might have some questions about the entire process, including:

  1. How Much Are The Expenses? – Depending on the platform you choose, an uncontested divorce will probably cost you anywhere from 130 to 1500 dollars. The cost will be different for every state and procedure, but, compared to the traditional costs from 2.500 to 5.000 dollars, it is quite cheaper.


  1. Do I Have to Hire a Legal Representative? – If you both agree to the terms, you won’t need to hire a lawyer. This is why it is quite important for you to work things out with your partner. Of course, if you think you might need some legal advice, you could always search for an attorney that will help you.


  1. Do We Have to Reside in The Same Area? – Now, this is something that will depend on the state you live in, especially since each of them has different rules and regulations when talking about getting divorced. Hence, you’ll want to do some research on this particular question.


  1. What if I Don’t Learn Where My Partner is? – In this situation, you can still get divorced. But, you’ll first want to ensure that you really cannot find them. This means that you might want to check their phone listing, the property records, as well as hire a private investigator.


  1. What if He/She Lives in a Foreign Country? – Fear not, you’ll still be able to get separated, but once again, you’ll need to learn the laws in your state. For instance, there are different regulations when it comes to filing it, as well as serving the papers to your partner, which means that the entire process might get a bit more complex if they are abroad.


As you can see, it is entirely possible for you and your partner to get divorced online. And, if you choose this method over others, you’ll be able to make the entire process easier, less time-consuming, and more importantly, you’ll be able to make it easier for everyone involved.

So, now that you are aware of all the steps you’ll need to take when getting an online divorce, you might not want to lose any more of your time. Instead, you should open up your search browser and start looking for an online platform that will allow you to get divorced without ever going to court.