How flame resistant clothing is different from flame retardant clothing


Are you working in any of the fire-related dangerous jobs? Is wearing Flame Resistant clothing for your job a requirement? There are many jobs which require these types of clothing, but the top most 5 dangerous jobs are listed below:

  • Electric utility line workers
  • Electricians
  • Chemical Plant Workers
  • Workers in the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Workers in the Pulp and Paper Industry

But you should consider wearing it all the time while you are at work.

Before going into detail and differences of Flame resistant clothing and flame retardant clothing, let’s know what FR clothing is. It is a type of personal protective equipment (PPE) which is designed to protect you from fire-related hazards. FR is fireproof. It reduces the risk of getting burned while on the job.

Flame resistant clothing, and flame retardant clothing may seem to be similar kind of a thing if you are not familiar with these words. You might assume them to be a synonym for each other. Two of the terms are interchangeable but quite a bit different. Not all fire resistant clothing is made up of the same kind of material or fabric

. There are various choices available, and nothing is perfect. Different clothing has different benefits and hazards. Every industries requirement is different for apparel due to the working environment. It’s unnecessary if one employee is safe with the clothing in one location then the other employee will also be reliable in a different place.

Flame resistant clothing is made up of fabrics and materials which are non flammable. These clothings may catch fire but either the fire will extinguish by itself or it will spread very slowly. The material of fabrics used to make this product prevents the fire from spreading.

Whereas, Flame retardant fabrics acquire some of the same properties flame resistant fabrics have. These fabrics are those which have undergone chemical treatments. Due to this procedure, this becomes self-extinguishing and slow burning. Any type of fabric can be used but it must undergo this treatment beforehand to be considered as the flame retardant.

The main difference between Flame resistant clothing and flame retardant clothing is in their garment materials used while manufacturing these products. They are different from each other.

These clothings protect you from flash fires, flames and embers. You do not have to think about your cloth if it wears out you do not have to replace your suit. These protection characteristics of the product don’t wear out with time. Most of the manufacturers provide lifetime guarantee for these products. This means whatever you do the product will not wear off ever.

Is this your first time looking for fire resistant clothing or you have used it before you should take care before finalizing any product. Non-FR clothing will not resist you from heat, flame, combustible dust, fire arcs, etc. There are different options to choose with your FR workwear like FR hoodies, jackets, coats, bibs, and coveralls are smart choices. If you decide to wear non FR clothing above FR clothing, it can exposé you to injury which can affect your exposed areas like face and head.

Be very choosy, get the well-fitted dress or customize it according to your size to save yourself from any dangerous hazard. If you have any questions related to your safety like how it works, how to buy it, whether or not you need it, does it comply with your industry standard? And many more then visit our website for more information. We are always happy to answer all your questions. Connect with us.