How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

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With so many reasons that people are taking CBD these days, it’s no wonder why it’s being called a “super drug” that may end up replacing numerous applications in the future as time progresses. There have been links of symptom relief from numerous problems that people face in everyday lives, from anxiety and high blood pressure, all the way to Parkinson’s disease and even epilepsy.

They’re even starting to find uses for CBD from which may be beneficial at stopping cancer and be safer than radiation. But how does it actually make you feel? Well, in this guide we’re going to cover this topic because there are still some misconceptions about this out there. Hopefully, we can give you some good understanding about how CBD makes you feel.

Does CBD Get You High?

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This is a very common question for anyone who is wanting to try using CBD. There is great news for those who worry about this and don’t want it to happen, as well as those who want to get the benefits of medication to ease their ailments without the negative side effects that often occur with them. That being said, for those who are wanting this psychotropic effect to happen, we apologize, but CBD doesn’t get you “high” as THC does.

The reason CBD doesn’t provide this effect is that CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid compound like its cousin, and therefore, you don’t actually get mind-altering effects. However, CBD can provide some form of relief from various problems like anxiety, an altered sense of mood (some users experience a form of “calm and happy” as they would from antidepressants), as well as relieving stress and many people,  tend to just sleep better overall. Click here for more information on whether the CBD is addictive or unsafe.

However, CBD itself doesn’t provide any actual euphoric effects. Most people don’t even feel anything at all. That leads us to the next part of this – What if I don’t feel any benefits right away? This is a common question that many people who are trying or just starting to use CBD often research.

CBD Takes Time

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CBD does not bind directly to the CB1 or CB2 receptors, but more the CB2 receptors and works in conjunction to activate the CB1 receptors in our bodies rather than binding those directly. CBD itself can actually counter the psychotropic effect of THC, and can even cancel the effects out.

CBD, however, takes time to build up in our bodies, which is why some people who start using CBD don’t end up feeling its effects immediately. Don’t let this get you down. If you are getting a good source of CBD delivered to your body, there may be changes in your lifestyle that can make it move faster. However, you may be one of those who generally take a month or two for it to start “working”.


One of the biggest reasons is the source of your CBD which affects how it can make you feel over time. Therefore, you want it to be from a reputable source. At Nanocraft CBD, they offer numerous types of products, so if one doesn’t work for you, maybe a healthy topical could benefit you more for your pain, or you can try their CBD water which provides more bioavailability. Either way, you want to make sure your source is fully hemp-derived and contains virtually no THC, and Nano’s got you covered.