How are Acrylic Keychains Made – 2024 Guide


People usually don’t think about things they use every day, as, after some time, we get used to that fact without even realizing the process of how those certain things are made. One of those things is definitely keychains, as they are commonly used in our daily life, yet many people still have no idea of how acrylic keychains are made, so let’s get into more details.

The features

In order to help you understand the process of making acrylic keychains, we first need to clarify what makes acrylic so special and why it’s so popular material to work with and use in the process of making keychains. Namely, it is a type of plexiglass with features that grant high transparency and weather resistance, which is one of the biggest reasons it’s used in the construction industry. Now, there are various types of plexiglass products, and what’s even more important, it’s not that difficult to manufacture, and its price is not that high. All these features are the reason why PMMA, plexiglass, or Acrylic is so popular and used worldwide.

As for keychains and why not go with some other material instead of acrylic, the features mentioned above are just the beginning, and the fact that you can make and design a keychain at home helps too. In addition, there is just something special about the appearance of acrylic keychains that draws people, as they can also be used as a decoration. Regardless of the style and personal preferences, with a bit of creativity and time, you can make a keychain for any purpose or any season of the year, so you can change it and express yourself this way too. The options are numerous, and once you get to know more about the manufacturing process, it will all get even more evident and easier.

There are three parts of the acrylic keychain

Okay, this is something most people are aware of as those three parts are the ring, chain, and trinket. The first two are made out of steel, and the third part is the acrylic one, the one we are talking about and the focus of this article. We have already mentioned the specifics and certain features of PMMA, and what people are interested in most is the fine print design on these acrylic trinkets. It all starts with picking the right type of ink, and since there are so many types out there, which one you’ll get depends on the manufacturer and how they operate. The most commonly used one is UV curable ink, but one can find other types and brands, as it is an entirely different industry.

Painting process

Once we determine which design we want, the next option is whether to pick one for each side or go with just one. Now, this is something most people forget, especially those who want to try and make acrylic keychains themselves, as they instantly think that they need to have something on both sides of the trinket. Of course, when you order it online, it all gets much easier, as you can choose the type, shape, model, size, type of glitter, or one great design is to add a holographic effect to it, as if done well, it can really be something new and unique. The fact to know here is that experienced professionals are in charge of carefully painting as special technique is needed, because the space that’s not painted is transparent, including the edges, and even one small mistake can be a disastrous one, as the end result will not be as great.

What type of paint is used?

High definition bright color is used for painting the surface of the trinket, and the fact that it is such a delicate and sensitive surface doesn’t help, which is something to keep in mind if you want to do it yourself at home. On the other hand, the texture of it does help, as it is a pretty good and solid one, which makes the entire painting process much easier. Now, there are several types of paint available, but the first layer is acrylic paint, and then the surface is covered with another type of paint (usually glitter paint), depending on the specifics of the order.

Cutting and designing process

When making one at home, we can use tweezers and cut the shapes we want to add to our trinket, but, understandably, during the manufacturing process, designing and cutting it requires having the right software and tools. As for design, the process itself is a basic one, unless an order comes with some special requirements, but in essence, classic programs and software will do the trick. As for the cutting well, that’s the tricky part, as depending on the motive and whether adding a holographic effect is needed, things might get a bit more challenging. The first thing needed here is the laser cutting machine, as it can do most of the work and speed up the entire process. These machines work on specific requests and demands and simply don’t make mistakes, which is why they are so highly valued. Once the process is finished, the final step is printing the images and packing everything together.

Why do people collect acrylic keychains?

Even though there isn’t just one answer to this question, the most common reason is that these keychains are unique in shape, size, and image. Another reason is that they are durable and can be used for quite some time without seeing any damage on them, and, of course, the trend of collecting keyrings and keychains is yet another reason for their popularity. Probably the best thing about them is that we can make them at home, and the process itself doesn’t have to be as time-consuming because we can buy blanks online and speed up the process. On the other hand, you can also decide to order a custom-made acrylic keychain and get something unique and special that you will always have on you, and all the info on that and more you can find at