Houston Texans vs. New England Patriots – Week 3 Picks And Predictions


New England hasn’t had a Quarterback crisis in more than a decade, but now they have one. Even though it won’t last more than two weeks, it can cause some troubles for the Patriots. Jacoby Brissett will likely get the start on Thursday.

But, don’t write this man off. He’s got a good arm, and he can use his legs. When Belichick takes a Quarterback in the 3rd round of the Draft, and he already has his backup QB, you know that Brissett has some potential.

Bill hasn’t had a QB like Brissett during his tenure in New England. It will be interesting to see how he’s going to utilize him against this tough Texans defense. But make no mistake about it, LaGerrette Blount will be the focal point of this offense against JJ Watt and company.

Houston has by far the best squad in years. Brock Osweiler is still the weakest link in this offense. Still, it doesn’t mean he can’t play, but he has some things to prove and to learn. Hopkins, Fuller, and Miller are more than ready to cover his mistakes and propel their team to victory.


Defense is where Houston wins their games and Brissett will have an extremely tough task going up against Watt and Clowney. He has the legs to match Texans’ pass rush, but he’ll need to make some plays. Can he be the playmaker in his first NFL start as a rookie QB? Belichick believes in him, but neither we nor Pats’ coach expect him to change the game outcome on Sunday.

Patriots are not favored at home, and we are also not picking them to win this game. They can very well pull it off, and it won’t be a surprise, but we got Texans to win this game 20:13.