Houston is in pain, destruction is huge, more than 1 million cars have been destroyed!


Right about now, pretty much everyone has heard about the disaster that hit Texas. That disaster is called Hurricane Harvey, and it brought the greatest flood Texas has ever seen. The storm has passed, and as these things go, it is time to start rebuilding everything. Sadly this process will take some time and effort since Harvey destroyed over 40.000 homes and the work that is going to have to be put in normalizing everyday lives will have to be enormous at best.

Besides people’s homes the second thing that was impacted the most are the vehicles, and preliminary information tells us that more than a million cars in the Houston, Texas, metro area, are destroyed in the floods. The vehicles were once, long time ago, a thing of luxury but these days they are a pure necessity if you want a lead a normal, hard working, life. This was also confirmed by the executive director of Transportation Advocacy Group Houston, Andrea French for Yahoo Finance, who stated: “You really have to have a car if you’re in Houston.” We found out that around 94,4% families in Houston alone have vehicles which if you do the math comes at 1,8 cars per house, at least that is the number that analyst firm Cox Automotive reached. According to them, Dallas is the only city in Texas that has a higher percentage.


Mayor of Houston stated that this, America’s fourth-largest city, is “open for business,” but with this disaster and areas still under water, with people roaming around and no homes to go back to, a multi-billion damage that Harvey left behind, we believe that Mayor Turner has jumped the gun here with this statement. Houston hasn’t resolved the problems caused by this and is by no means ready to continue everyday life. Turner also said that much of the people in the city were expecting to go about their normal lives after the Labour Day, which is reasonable to assume. He stated for CBS that “Anyone who was planning on a conference or a convention or a sporting event or a concert coming to this city, you can still come,” and added that they are capable of “doing multiple things at the same time.”