House of Cards Season 6 Release date & Spoilers


When the House of Cards returns on Netflix in 2018 with Season 6, it is likely going to focus on the rivalry between Frank Underwood and Claire, his wife. Frank Pugliese, the showrunner, disclosed that each word the show’s couple said at the end of Season 5 suggested their future. Also, he said that the audience shouldn’t take things for granted.

This is what Pugliese said to The Hollywood Reporter: “The show has always wrestled with this idea of: How much humanity do you sacrifice in the pursuit of power? There’s the almost extreme version of it with Claire killing Tom Yates, who is demanding humanity of Claire.”

Furthermore, the showrunner claimed that the following installment will concentrate on the unceasing ambition of the leading actress. He said: “Claire is finally speaking about the ambitions that she has, we were curious about what her complicity with the audience looks like and how she manifests those ambitions in the audience and, eventually, the voter.”


Pugliese also said that Frank is not going to sit back and enjoy while his wife revels in her presidency. Based on his words, the character may try to murder Claire so as to enjoy freedom.

The showrunner continued: “He’s done some terrible things. He is capable. There might be a desire in both their parts to be able to do this alone, but I don’t know if they’re going to be able to do it without each other. Or maybe they will. That’s a question for season six.”

In the meantime, House of Cards star Kate Mara disclosed that it’s a surprise to her that her character Zoe Barnes is still quite important for the show. The actress said: “Little did I know — I don’t know how many years ago I finished filming — that she would still be a part of the storyline. That’s really awesome. That was a very special show to be a part of. I miss it.”