House of Cards Season 6 Release Date


House Of Cards has made another successful comeback with its season 5. 13 more episodes were added to previous four seasons, and the fans were delighted with its content. The season 5 involved the elections of 2016 as well as the ICO hostage catastrophe. The election process was finalized in three states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee.

It is still soon to speculate about the series’ season 6, but the fans want to know if it’s going to have the next chapter or not. The last season was the first one to be filmed without the series’ creator Beau Willimon. House of Cards season 5 was a hotbed of different impressions and reviews. Keeping in mind the level of success it achieves, it seems logical that Netflix will want to have it for another sequel.

What happens with Leann Harvey? Is she dead?

Leann Harvey gave out some information regarding the NSA contractor Aidan Macallan to Jane Davis in order for Davis to make her Claire Underwood’s #Chief Of Staff. To Harvey’s dismay, Mark Usher managed to convince Underwood to hire someone with more experience for that position, rather than taking Harvey. Later on, Frank Underwood attacked Harvey while she was going towards Doug Stamper’s apartment.

We don’t get to see the scene of her death, just a car wreck in the last episode. Neve Campbell refused to talk about her character: “I can’t talk about that,” while Michael Kelly, who takes on a role of Doug Stamper stated: “You even saw my body, and Doug still came back.”

Claire seized power in House of Cards.

When Frank resigned his position of President, his wife took over the office promising him that she will free him of all crimes. Frank threatens to kill her if she doesn’t keep her promise.

House of Cards Season 6 Release Date

Season 6 will most likely come out in 2017.