A Hotel Room in a Helicopter

Source: helicopterglamping.com

If you are seeking out for some greater luxury along with a bit of adventure rather than spending the night in an ordinary beautiful hotel, sleeping in a helicopter will be perfect for you. If this is something that you find amusing, then you should head towards Mains Farm in Stirling, Scotland where you can find an actual Helicopter Glamping hotel.

This helicopter was in fact bought in an auction by his current owners Martyn Steedman and his wife, Louise. After the auction, they invested a great deal of money in order to make a fancy hotel out of it. Before they acquired it, this one was used for the purposes of search-and-rescue.

Source: helicopterglamping.com

They worked on both its interior and exterior. The exterior received new rotor blades and lights. It was of course followed by painting. Upon entering this unusual place, you will see that everything was decorated in three colors, mostly white but with accents of red and blue.

Even though it may sound surprising, this space is not that little. In fact, a whole family could fit into it comfortably sleeping on three beds.

The helicopter’s cockpit hasn’t been removed, maybe in order to maintain the uniqueness of the whole accommodation space. Sonar station was taken out to make room for the shower and mini-kitchen for the guests to use. They will also be able to enjoy their awesome view at Carse of Stirling while sitting in the brand new swivel seats. The helicopter-hotel also owns a dashboard, roof panel switches, and foot pedals.

Source: helicopterglamping.com

For spending the night in this hotel, you will have to pay £150 for two adults. So if you are into trying out some new things in your life, you can indulge yourself with this comfortable and amusing accommodation. You will definitely have the most amazing experience.