Home Security: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

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Burglary has become rampant in our society today. The increase in crime rates is because most renters and homeowners are ignorant of how to keep their houses secure.

As an owner, you will have to protect your property from thieves and burglars. Here is how the mind of a thief works and how you can manipulate his or her mind and keep your home secure.


Typically, thieves will enter your house when they see a window of opportunity. Burglars like to break in when they have easy access and within the shortest time possible.

Most owners usually make the mistake of leaving their doors unlocked. When you leave your doors open, criminals will utilize this opportunity to enter into your house and steal your valuables without being noticed.

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You should always leave your doors locked. This way, thieves will struggle to break into your home, and they may even hesitate to steal your valuables since they will have a fear of being seen.

Besides locking your doors, you can also try out other security tricks that will hinder a burglar from breaking into your house within seconds. For instance, you can either install an alarm system or a double metallic front door.


As illustrated by Art of Manliness, most criminals like to work in a calm environment which has minimal disruptions. They prefer to commit their crimes within seconds and leave undisrupted.

Therefore, if you introduce some form of sound in your space; then you will successfully hinder burglars from breaking into your house. For instance, you can either own a barking dog or an alarm system. You can check out the Porch security system review here.

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This way, no one will steal your valuables in a jiffy and disappear without being noticed. When you introduce sound into your home, thugs will fear breaking into it since your environment will not be conducive for them.


Criminals like to work in dark environments. This is the reason why most break-ins occur at night. Therefore, when you eliminate all the dark settings; you will successfully keep it secure.

Most thugs will automatically break into a house which has a bushy outdoor area. Homes which do not have well-kept outdoor areas form perfect hiding spots for thieves.

For you to keep your home secure, you should always maintain your outdoor areas. You should trim all your lawns and bushes, as well as avoid planting trees and having pits right next to your entryways.

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Since most break-ins usually happen at night, you should consider installing motion sensor lighting. These lights will automatically go on when they sense an intruder.

When you use motion sensor lighting, thieves will always scamper away for safety when these lights detect their movement. This way, you will successfully protect your valuables from being stolen.

What You Can Do to Prevent Burglary

Thieves are always on the look-out for ways to keep themselves safe and successfully steal your precious valuables. Therefore, you should be equally ruthless in keeping your home secure. Here are some things which you can do to prevent burglary:

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Install Home Security Systems

Installing a security system is one of the best methods which you can use to keep off burglars. There are two main types of security systems. These types include DIY and professionally monitored systems.

DIY security systems are much cheaper, and you can purchase them if you can’t afford professionally monitored security systems. A home security system will help you keep tabs on all the people who enter and leave your house, thus notifying you of any potential intruders.

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Be Cautious Over Whom You Let Enter Your Home

How Stuff Works asserts that you should always do a complete background check when permitting strangers to enter your home. You may think that either the gardener, maid, or handyman whom you hired is an honest person, yet he or she may be a criminal.

Most criminals deceive owners by camouflaging themselves as potential gardeners, handymen, or maids. Once you give them some small work to do, they will start eyeing your valuables and plan how to steal them.

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Be Friendly with Your Neighbours

You should befriend your neighbors so that you can be able to help each other in times of emergencies. For instance, if you go on a long vacation; you can tell your neighbor to watch your place.

Typically, thugs have a fear of being watched when they attempt to steal your valuables. If you and your neighbors are always on the look-out for the safety of each other’s homes, then there will be no incidence of burglaries within your neighborhood.

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When you implement these tips, you will successfully keep your place secure. This way, you will reduce the number of burglaries within your area.