10 Perfect Holiday Gifts for Gamers


Odds are, regardless of your age or gender, you’ve got a gamer in your life. In fact, a recent survey showed that roughly 61 percent of gamers are even trying to shift their hobby into a full-time career—and thanks to the expansion of leagues, tournaments and individual streaming platforms, that dream can become a reality.

Amid all the end-of-year planning, gift-giving for the gamer in your life doesn’t need to be stressful. No matter their skill level, here are the top ten gifts to level up their love of the game and make you this holiday’s hero.

1. Chair and Posture Accessories


When you’re in the middle of a really good game, it’s easy to lose track of time. Hours and hours can go by, and if gamers aren’t careful, that time sitting down can impact their posture and lead to potential back injury or pain. Chairs can range in cost from $100 dollars to nearly $500 dollars, but for those with a tighter budget, there are still plenty of options available. Consider purchasing an attachable massage chair accessory that can be adjusted to fit wherever your gamer chooses to sit. If they’re still complaining about a back-ache, maybe it’s time to invest in a professional massage gift card!

2. Desk Gear


When it comes to creating a great gaming experience, it’s the little things that matter. From organized cable storage to cup holders and gear stands, the place that holds your gear is almost just as important as the console itself. To really make one’s gaming space feel like home, search for desks and furniture specifically suited to the hobby. Screen height can be an important comfort factor for many gamers, and as such, search for a desk with adjustable height to compensate for individual needs.

3. Custom Controllers


While the gamer you’re buying for probably has a controller they love, it’s also possible that their tech needs an update. If their d-pads and joysticks have been through too many games, the wear and tear can affect their game play. Custom controllers have become a popular gift in recency, with unique color and text options making for an unforgettable gift.

If you know a gamer that wants to go pro, purchase a professional-grade controller to help improve their accuracy and speed. Keep in mind, these controllers are often a little more complex and require additional practice in order to utilize them to their full extent.

4. Headset Upgrades


If you can’t hear your teammates, you probably can’t help them! For many popular games like Fortnite, Apex Legends or Call of Duty, being able to clearly communicate with your squad while hearing the noise of the game environment is key to your success. Good headsets should not only pick up your voice well, but reduce the risk of unnecessary feedback on the other end of the mic.

Make sure you confirm whether or not the gamer in question prefers a wired or wireless headset. While it might seem like a small differentiator, each offers its individual benefits and can be helpful in specific situations.

5. Streaming Setup Gear


Is the gamer in your life trying to go professional? It’s never too early to start getting the right gear in place to take their individual streams to the next level. Careers are built on platforms like YouTube Gaming, Twitch and Facebook Gaming. Who knows, you might be friends or family with the next Ninja or Shroud!

If you want to help improve the quality of a stream, focus on purchasing equipment like ring lights or a green screen background. While these might seem like pretty simple pieces of gear, they can dramatically enhance the overall quality for viewers across the globe.

6. New Console


In 2024, both Xbox and PlayStation released new consoles for purchase, with variations in capabilities and cost. For example, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X differentiate in their hard drive capabilities, size and digital capacity. The PlayStation 5 (PS5) boasts remarkable graphics, ray tracing and 3D surround-sound audio. Depending on your gamer’s specific needs, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for their 2024 gaming season.

7. Stream Deck


If you’ve already got lighting, microphones and streaming gear on deck, it may be worthwhile to look into a Stream Deck purchase from Elgato. Their products make communicating and engaging with stream viewers easy: at the programmed click of a button, gamers can send shout outs to fans, initiate chat discussions or interact with new subs. Options range from $100 dollars to $300 dollars, with compatibility for most consoles and gaming computers.

8. Game Pass


Want to make gaming a family affair? For only $9.99 dollars a month per console or PC, family users can have unlimited access to a wide variety of games from Minecraft to The Sims 4, Golf with Your Friends, Overcooked 2, NBA Live 19, Madden 20 and Rocket Arena. There will be a game for everyone to play, whether alone or with friends and family.

9. Streaming Credits


In order to engage with your favorite streamers on Twitch at a high level or show your super-support, you need to purchase credits. If you’ve got a gamer in your life that loves watching Dr. Lupo on the weekends, consider giving a Twitch gift card that can be redeemed on desktop or mobile devices. Simply purchase the card through the Twitch website and share the redemption code via email, text or card number.

10. Collector Items


If you want to think outside the box, look for specific game merch and apparel to gift this season. From t-shirts to figurines, games, hoodies and mugs, most titles release a series of collectible items for fans to purchase. If you’re striking out on official game websites, search individual maker sites like Etsy and Toynk for custom products with gaming themes.  You’ll be surprised what you can find. Often, items will come as one of a kind, just like the gamer you know. It’s a perfect win for both of you.