History of Slot Machines


Slot machines, which today are counted as the most popular games of online and offline casinos, have an important history dating back more than 100 years.

In fact, today’s slot machines have come a long way from the early ones, reaching the point of being in different versions, types and different prizes.


But before talking about those of today, let’s talk about those of the past and when the slots were mechanical games and why they were born.

The origins: Charles Fey and the Liberty Bell

The first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey, this was a mechanical game machine, based on the card game of poker and was thought of as a simplified answer to the problem of automating a poker game.

In 1887 Charles Fey invented a machine with 3 reels and with 5 symbols: diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, spades. This machine took the name of Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell prizes were fruit-flavored chewing gum, and this is where the first Fruit Machine was born, the symbols on the reels were in fact the fruits, symbols still used today in the specific machine.

The BAR symbol was then introduced in the first slot version offered by the Gum Company Bell – Fruit and which appears often and willingly still today in classic fruit slot machines.

The candy prizes were used to evade criminal prosecution under the US anti-gambling law at the time, so the first slots did not consider cash prizes.

In 1963 Bally Technologies Inc develops Money Honey, historically the first electromechanical slot machine in the world, mechanical components were replaced with electrical ones, incorporated into the slot design, guaranteeing at this point multi-coin bets and obviously better game as higher winnings.

The arrival of progressive jackpots and the graphic variations that made the machines more fun and colorful gradually gave birth to the new generation of slot machines, making them the most popular game in Las Vegas casinos.

Microchip Technology evolution


In the 1980s the explosion of microchip technology brought some interesting advances in the world of online slots.

It must be said that the first video slot in the world made its debut already in 1979, created by Walt Fraley who invented the Fortune Coin, anticipating the technological times but unfortunately not well accepted by a public wary of the new technology that wanted the computerized reels on screen.

Famous slot maker IGT bought the Fortune Coin patent in 1976 and with intelligent marketing and further development of this new type of slot ensured the success of a machine that already had the potential, giving birth to a new one.

The number of players who know how to recognize the type of game that best suits their profile is increasing: titles with which they enjoy playing, win and have fun. And it is not just about slots of a certain theme or with a specific reel system. Although it is true that many remain faithful to the same old games, there are also those who jump from one to another depending on the theme looking for best slots of all time, if you ant to check click here https://www.winkslots.com/blog/best-slot-machines-of-all-time

The5 most common features

1.Theme: the slot machines of Egypt, terror, official … have their own club of unconditional, and it does not matter if they pay a lot or a little, or if they repeatedly repeat the same functions as always.

  1. Structure: the number of reels, the payment system and the functions associated with both (increasing the number of rows on the board with winnings, re-spins or payments in both directions…), are extras to take into account.
  2. Audiovisual effects: a true video slot is immersive and will accompany each event of the game with music and movement. Graphic quality determines how good a game is, no matter if the designs are 3D or flat.

4.All terrain: even if they look like real animated movies, today’s slots are designed to be played comfortably and safely from 1005 any device, without the need for an app.

  1. Prizes: The maximum payout potential (or by how much your bet can be multiplied), the highest prize that is awarded per spin, and the existence of fixed and accumulated jackpots, make the difference.

Online slot machine


The epilogue is what we all know, slots land on the net, online casinos are born, the game becomes accessible to everyone and from everywhere without the need to go to any land-based casino, which in most cases is very far from where it is. lives.

The slots are colored, they become hundreds, the casinos give bonuses to play and the borders quickly expand making this game, which once gave chewing gum as a prize, the richest and most fun in the world of online gaming.

How to tell when online slots are about to pay out

When you intend to play slot machines, online ones are certainly a better choice than bar machines and the first reason is the payout. The payout represents the percentage of money collected from the AMD slot and returned to the player: it is equal to 75% in the case of bar machines and 97% in the case of online slot machines.

To understand when an online slot machine is going to pay out, you have to pay attention to the type of payout. The payout can be:

standard: it is between 95 or 99%

previous months: Many online casino sites publish the payout of the previous months

current month: to consult to decide which slot to play

It is obvious that a slot that has a high payout in the current month will certainly be avoided because it needs to recharge and consequently will struggle to give money.

Another fundamental element to understand when an online slot is about to pay is the cycle. At the end of each cycle the slot must necessarily make a payout. For example, if one slot ends its cycle with 30,000 turns and another with 15,000, it will be more convenient to choose the latter.

When are slots in land-based casinos about to pay out prizes?

The ones that certainly guarantee the highest payouts but also require a greater use of money are the slot machines of real casinos.


In just a few minutes you can win considerable amounts. First of all, you need to take a general look at the various slots to choose which ones to bet on, which then must necessarily coincide with those preferred by other players.

Once seated in front of the machine it is a good habit to check that the slot has not already paid very high sums. At this point, the best strategy is to always change the machine until you find the one that pays modest amounts; don’t give up and keep playing.

If the slot allows you to make bets with a high bet, the best technique is to bet a low bet and occasionally make high bets to send the machine on tilt.