Hiring Skip Bins in Perth – What you Need to Know Before Ordering


Skip bins are the most convenient way to offload excess waste whether you’re a business owner, large organisation or a home owner.

Council bins can only accommodate a certain amount of rubbish – every household is allocated their bins and any excess must be disposed of separately. For some people this isn’t an issue – either they don’t produce much or they visit the dump regularly.
But dumps cost money and aren’t always the most ecologically friendly solution. Skip bin hire is a great option when there’s too much for your general collection and you’re too busy for the dump run.

Waste is something that’s part of modern life – the idea of course is to avoid its creation as much as possible through reusing and recycling, but that’s not always possible.
During 2016-2017, Western Australia produced 4.7 million tonnes of solid waste and only around 30% of that waste was recycled – much lower than the national average of 50%. If that sounds bad, then 2024-2024 was sadly worse and only 25% of waste was recycled.
What can we do to improve this? The answer of course is to use fewer environmentally hazardous materials and to recycle more – but did you know that using skip bins for your rubbish can make this easier for you because when you place rubbish in a skip, it’s then taken away and the contents is sorted out for recycling?

Skip bin hire companies usually require different waste types to be placed in different skip bin types – this makes sorting easier.

So if you’ve got a lot of hard waste such as rubble, bricks and cement, then there’s a skip bin meant specifically for that. Equally, if your waste is mainly made up of green waste from your garden, there’s a skip for that too.

There are a number of different skip bin types including a mixed waste skip bin so don’t worry if your rubbish is varied and includes things such as old furniture, electrical items and packaging – you can just book a mixed waste skip.

Another option you might choose are mini skips – these are the smallest skip bins and are great for those times when you’ve built up too much waste for your general rubbish collection – maybe after Christmas or a big clear out of cupboards and sheds!
Skip bin hire makes life easier and is better for the environment too.

Perth and how the city is tackling its waste problems


Perth is working hard to improve things from an environmental standpoint and the city has over fifty staff who are dedicated to street cleaning. There are more than 200 tonnes of bulk rubbish collected from street verges every year and street sweeping is a seven-day per week task.

In addition to these consistent efforts, the City of Perth has recently installed a new state of the art device in Claisebrook Cove to reduce the amount of litter accumulating in the waters there.

The ingenious device, which is called a “Refuse Collection Device or RCD, uses the wind and the tide in order to trap any floating littler. It has a one-way float gate which allows rubbish in – but not out.

The RCD will be emptied on a daily basis and the waste will be analysed so that plans can be put in place to reduce the amount of rubbish which is currently entering the waters.
This will do much to protect wildlife and waterways from the damage which litter can cause. Studies suggest that it takes only 14 pieces of plastic to kill a sea turtle and the science agency predicts 99 per cent of sea birds will have ingested plastic by 2050, while others suggest there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by the same date.
Considering Australia’s reputation as one of the most beautiful continents in the world, it’s natural features celebrated globally, it’s vital that we do all we can to protect our waterways and our environment in general.

Where can I drop off my waste in Perth?


If you only have a few items to dispose of you can organise to be included in one of the twice-yearly collections which Perth citizens are entitled to benefit from.
For hazardous waste, there are several free options, you can learn at Recycle Right WA.
If you have a built-up collection of junk, waste from a building or renovation project or maybe just too much rubbish, then booking skip bin hire is by far the most convenient solution.

Skips are dropped off at your home or business address on a day of your choosing, they’re left in an easy-to-access area where you’ll be able to place rubbish inside the skip with no problems.

When it’s full, Skip Bin Finder in Perth will take it away and sort through everything to ensure that anything which is recyclable is recycled.

Skip bins are easy to book, easy to use and you don’t need a special permit unless you plan to place the skip bin on a public road or verge. If you’re unsure of your local bylaws, contact your local council to find out more.

Mini Skip Bin Hire


Some people believe that hiring a mini skip bin is expensive when it comes to rubbish removal. Disposing of waste on your own arrangements will require a quantity of costs. This includes transporting rubbish like hiring a ute or a trailer. On top of this, the cost of fuel is expensive. Once you get the rubbish to the landfill, you will also be required to pay for your rubbish to be discarded. This can be pricey. Hiring a skip bin is one set price. Which you will find to be cheaper than doing it all yourself.


Skip bins are quite popular here in Perth, and there is a good explanation behind it. Skip bin services make waste removal incredibly straightforward and effective for all families wanting to remove rubbish from around their home or workplace. They help you save money and can be delivered to your location at fast notice. With all these advantages considered, there’s simply no excuse not to consider a skip bin for your next clean up project.