6 Tips and Tricks for Hiring a Companion for a Business Party


Modern business differs from the old ways in many different ways. More attention is being put to aspects of work once thought unimportant. Apart from workers and minorities’ rights and equality, most collectives also try to become closer and make the workers feel like family. In order to do that, they either organize or attend different types of events, parties, and occasions. To make things more intimate and interesting, you are also allowed and encouraged to bring a plus one. As you know, not everyone is married or in a relationship, so naturally, they have nobody to bring along and enjoy the night with.


Being invited to a formal business occasion and not having a date is one of the worst feelings for any single adult. Going to any type of party and being the only person there without a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife is enough to make anyone feel very lonely and unhappy. If you are a working adult with a secure job, you probably have at least a few business events per year. So how will you manage to go through all of them and keep having a good time without a date?

Certain positions imply traveling to different cities and countries for meetings and conferences on a regular basis. Most of these also come with a fancy dinner party at the end of a long business day for everyone to unwind and recover. To put an end to you being one of the only single people there, you should think about hiring a companion. However, this is easier said than done because you have to bring somebody you like physically, who also has the right personality to complement yours. To do this you will need the right advice and the right tricks to change your situation for the better and turn things around. No longer will you be going alone. We are here to help so make sure to read on in order to find out more and check out londontransgirls.com.

1. You Need to Find Them Attractive


While it may sound shallow and simple, physical appearance matters when choosing your partner. You cannot begin to imagine your life with somebody whom you do not find handsome or beautiful. Well, the same goes with dating, as well as hiring companions and escorts. Thankfully, the places that offer these services know this which is why they have many different filters and search options for their clients to browse the companions for hire until they find the one they like the most. You are not obliged to book a date with somebody you are not attracted to. If you like tall brunettes, go for it. If you like shorter blondes, you can find them. There is somebody for everybody, just make sure not to settle and keep looking until you find them.

2. Treat Them Nice

Deciding to hire a companion for the night may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is undeniably exciting and attractive once you decide to do it. If you think about it, it is a date like any other except you pick and choose everything you like and pay for the services in the end. This however does not mean that you should not take their good time, emotions, and preferences into account. Pick your date up just like you would anyone else, buy them a bouquet, and offer them drinks once you get to the business party. Talk to them, make them feel wanted, and introduce them to people as your partner. Nobody even needs to know that you hired them, nor will they be able to tell if you treat them nice.

3. Dress Well Together


It goes without saying that you should dress formally for the business party you have been invited to. It is a suit and tie event after all and everyone will be looking their best. You need to impress your colleagues, especially the higher-ups, and let them know who you are and that you matter to the company. With that being said, your partner also needs to look their best and match your style and formality for the night. Since it is a service for higher, you will get to negotiate the terms. The terms, in this sense, cover everything and anything that happens during the night. From the attire to the late night activities after the party, it is up to you what happens and how much you pay. Make it known that you need them to put on something formal, attractive, and even sexy. A business party is not just any old party, so nice evening dresses, shoes, bags, and accessories are all important for a good look.

4. Be On Time


Is there anything worse for a gentleman than being late to a date, especially in this scenario? Make sure you clear your schedule and be there on time. After all, you will need some time to get to know each other and establish the terms, topics, and activities for the night. You could even go for a drink prior to the party, it cannot hurt and it can only make them like you a bit more.

5. Clean Your Apartment

If you plan to come back to your place after the business party, and most people who hire companions do plan this, your home needs to look as good as it possibly can. Clean it thoroughly, make it spotless, and have drinks and some late night snacks ready for when you get back. After all, you are bringing somebody home for the first time and certain things need to look and feel the right way if you are to enjoy your night.

6. Check the Reviews

Last but not least, you have to check the ratings and reviews from other customers, both for the whole service and for the companion you chose. This is the best way to check if you are picking the right business and the right person for the role. Do not proceed with the booking if you dislike the comments left by the previous clients, nor if you cannot find any reviews at all.