Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton, the former U.S. Secretary of State and Democratic presidential front-runner, unveiled her $275 billion plan to rebuild and modernize the infrastructure across the United States to help create jobs over the next five years.

During the launching of “Hard Hats for Hillary” campaign in Boston, Mrs. Clinton said, “Investing in infrastructure makes our economy more productive and competitive across the board. To build a strong economy for our future, we must start by building strong infrastructure today.”

Mrs. Clinton emphasized that her five year, $275 billion plan to invest in infrastructure will create good paying jobs and build the future that America deserves. She added the investing in infrastructure is “down payment on our future.”

Hillary Clinton plans to create an infrastructure bank

Mrs. Clinton plans to allocate $250 billion for direct federal spending on infrastructure. She emphasized that the country’s infrastructure— airports, bridges, electric grids, railways, and roads need repairs. The remaining $25 billion will be used as a seed fund for a strategic infrastructure bank.

The funding for the infrastructure proposals will come from revenues through a “business tax reform.”

Under her plan, the infrastructure bank will administer a renewed and expanded version of the Build Americans Bonds Program, which was launched as part of the 2009 Recovery Act.

The creation of an infrastructure bank has been part of the Democratic campaign over the past 25 years. Bill Clinton called for its creation during his presidential campaign in 1992. He made progress on the idea during his first term as president.

In 1995, Pres. Clinton signed a transportation law, which authorizes state-driven infrastructure bank pilot projects. He also succeeded in encouraging the Congress to enact the Transportation and Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act (TFIA).

During the 2008 presidential race, Barack Obama also presented his proposal to establish a $60 billion infrastructure bank.

Hillary Clinton urges Congress to pass the highway bill

Furthermore, the Democratic presidential front-runner said she wants all American households to have access to high-speed internet by 2020. She also noted that 35% of schools in the United States do not have fiber optic connections, which she considers unacceptable.

Mrs. Clinton also urged the Congress to pass the highway bill by the end of this year. In 2011, Pres. Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers estimated that every $1 billion in federal highway and transit spending from his proposed American Jobs Act would support 13,000 jobs for a year.

Mrs. Clinton presidential campaign next month will focus on her “jobs agenda.”


  1. re: What should we spend money on?

    We dont have money, we steal it from the future to pay for things we did not earn.

  2. Agreed, Government cannot spend its way to prosperity.

    If voters are stupid enough to elect politicians saying the same thing for 50 years I guess we deserve to be in this mess.

  3. What should we spend money on? Or maybe we should make every road a toll and the rich can drive wherever while the rest of us walk!

  4. Wait! Don’t tell me! It’s gonna be for bridges, and “infrastructure” and chit like that, right? You know, “shovel ready” projects. Hey, I know! How about building a pyramid instead! You know, to store wheat and chit like that in. Even better maybe a bunch of little pyramids spread throughout different voter districts and such. You know, to spread around all of those new, temporary government jobs and such.

    Oh, yeah, and let’s not forget calking, either. Maybe when those little government pyramids start to fall apart Hillary could initiate a NEW government jobs-creation program where the government hires platoons of pyramid calkers.

    But sadly enough, Hillary, Obama tried all of this six years ago. And guess what? We didn’t get squat except for a T-shirt that says: “Another 800 billion in debt!”.

    Still, we can’t really blame Hillary for coming up with the same failed plan of spending hundreds of billions of dollars of borrowed money to “create” jobs every Democrat has tried for the last 50 years, now can we? After all, pretty much the ONLY Democrat idea involves a BIG government program financed with LARGE amounts of borrowed dollars. Why would anyone think a Democrat could come up with some other idea besides that one? (Well, yeah, I know; Democrats DO have a couple of other “ideas”: free college and other free chit for everyone, confiscate everybody’s guns except the ones the Democrats use to protect themselves with, and “free” medical care run by the government.)


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