A new satirical game aimed at Presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton, which was on the Apple App Store has reportedly been banned. The app aims to make fun of the former Senator’s handling or rather mishandling of government documents in the private email server controversy.

The developers claimed on social media network, Reddit that the approval process for their app had taken more than eight hours, yet the average response time should be 60 minutes. After the approval process they still got rejected on grounds of objectionable content. The two owners of the company claim that they decided on making an app on Hillary Clinton after noticing that they are not as many compared to those of the Republican nominee for Presidency, Donald Trump.

Explaining the mechanism behind their app which they claim to have taken them six months to make, the pair said that the game was very simple in concept. The gamer plays from a first person perspective and receive documents which they will wither have to file under Laptop, Server, Shredder, or Closet. They also noted that Hillary’s image or any resemblance to her on the game is almost unnoticeable and all the documents which are used in the game are public knowledge having been released from the State Department under the freedom of information act.

However, the game is available on Google Play. There is irony however in this because Google and other media networks have been accused by the real estate business man, Donald Trump, of favoring Hillary Clinton and her campaign by censoring news and links. WikiLeaks leader, Julian Assange has also ascertained that Google and the Hillary Clinton campaign have been working together to help make her the President of the United States.

Hillary Clinton email scandal

Apple wrote in their rejection of the app that the app was considered to be defamatory and also was mean spirited. They also claimed that the app highlighted a controversial event that was not so welcome to the country. One analyst said that Apple’s reasons for rejecting the app may be construed to be double standards considering the numerous number of apps which are on the Apple App Store which ridicule Donald Trump.

Some of the games which are currently available on the App Store which are aimed towards the Republican candidate include but not restricted to Trump Toss, Punch Trump, Trump Slap, Slap Donald Trump and Smack a Trump. One other game is Trump Dump, which portrays the presidential candidate as piece of sh*t.

One of the developers of Hide it Hillary said that he had also noticed the double standard which was being done by Apple. There are so many mean spirited and defamatory games for Donald Trump but there doesn’t seem to be any for Hillary, he noted. Tim Cook, the Apple CEO recently held a fundraiser for Mrs Clinton late last month, but he has also been known to host for GOP candidates after hosting a fundraiser for Paul Ryan, the GOP House Speaker.

Apple has not released any comment explaining the numerous apps about Donald Trump but rejecting one that depicted Hillary Clinton in a bad way.