High School DxD Season 4 – prepare for new season!

High School DxD got the green light for Season four a few months ago, to be more precise, in October. The news about new Anime series that will serve as Season four for High School DxD was announced at Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai that took place in Japan. So, good news is that there will be another season, but on the sad side, there still isn’t any official date set for the airing of the show. Fans are desperate to hear the news about air date and they are slowly becoming annoyed by a lack of information available. Considering that last episode of this hugely popular Anime was aired back in June of 2015 we can understand fans lack of patience.

Unconfirmed rumors set the release date of High School DxD Season 4 in the Fall of 2017. This timeline seems realistic from today’s point of view, but we, just as you will have to wait for official confirmation. During this period, some of the most impatient fans are already creating theories about the storyline of Season 4 of High School DxD.


One of the arguments that were talked the most is if the story will revolve around Norse God, Loki. They are saying that Issei Hyoudou will have Loki as his main enemy. Furthermore, fans are claiming that the story will start when Loki escapes the underworld prison and starts using his powers to change the timeline of the entire show to undo Isseis doing. Issei will, of course, try to counter him and will do this with the most unexpected of assistance. The theory claims that Isseis help will come in shape of his future daughters. Their names are Ex Gremory, Kurenai Himejima, Zen Quarta, Shirayuki, Kurobara, Airi Hyoudou, Shin Shidou, Robertina Hyoudou, Helmwige and Ernestine Galnstein.

Whether we will get the chance to enjoy High Schol DxD this year and whether will the storyline play out like this remains to be seen. Anyway, we will stay on the theme and bring your way any official and less official news.


  1. The people labeling their videos season 4 are fibbing their from season 3 and I’m hoping for a couple more seasons from highschool dxd . I love this anime


  3. Season 4 will not be about Issei’s children. That false information came from EX which the author wrote to fix the errors in the storyline because Born went off of the script of the Light Novels. Season 4 will be about the he trip to Kyoto and fight with Sairaorg Bael and Mid class Devil Promotion test and the battle with the Hero Faction and Grim Reapers (Volumes 10 and 11) and, hopefully, will cover volume 12 as well since there is a huge cliffhanger at the end of volume 11. If that happens though, it will likely be 18 episodes.

  4. i hear you i recently got into it and im hooked for life i will probably watch each season 10 times over. i hope to see Hyoudou Issei and Rias Gremory get married.

  5. Did u read this full? “The theory claims that Isseis help will come in shape of his future daughters. ” So it says that daughters from the future will her the current issei.

  6. So you’re saying there is a chance they will animate that EX story with all of Ise’s future kids? God i hope not. The main story they strayed away from is too good, we don’t need to keep going down this path of alternate timelines. In all probability, one thing we will most likely see is the RG between Gremory and Sairoag (sp). They played up to that eventuality last season and it should be pretty good.

  7. Sounds to me like you are completely anti-harem. If you want to watch a non-harem romance anime there are lots out there. Quit raining on our parade. As for kids, many great men in history who had one wife and many concubines, had children with many of his women. Hell, Ramses the great had over 60 kids with his various women. Are you really going to deprive Akeno and all those other girls, the joy of having children of their own, because only Rias should be allowed to have kids with Ise? That’s just mean.

  8. well.. you got a very nice opinion there but it wont matters to the author because he made that plot and some random guy on the Internet won’t change his mind. If you want the plot to be exactly what you have described . why dont you just use your own imagination and try to recreate the story. well im pretty sure its not gonna top the original plot though. Well good luck. I enjoyed the plot, wont complain , and I don’t stick with one anime.

    P/S: THIS ANIME IS A TORTURE !! I wont be expecting a new season. EXPECTING KONOSUBA S3!!

  9. Actually s3 was pretty great, my only problem with it was the focus on Loki’s curse… who cares about that when you have actually interesting enemies and storylines to expand?

  10. I’ve only been introduced to this over insta last week, but this show has me where it gets people. This is the first anime I have EVER liked, I guess I was lucky to get into this recently, since apparently this show has been around for years. If this is true then I bet the characters voices will be different too. How long have you guys been watching??

  11. I’ve only been introduced to this over insta last week, but this show has me where it gets people. This is the first anime I have EVER liked, I guess I was lucky to get into this recently, since apparently this show has been around for years. If this is true then I bet the characters voices will be different too. How long have you guys been watching?

  12. I JUST HOPE THAT SEASON 4 ISN’T THE LAST SEASON…If it is i am going to kill myself

  13. i want to rewatch previous season,but also want to wait untill new season is out to do , grrrr

  14. So I have seen episodes on YouTube that
    claim to be the 4th season but are not English dub they don’t seem to be episodes I have seen before so is season 4 now out?

  15. It doesn’t say it could be and or none and for reference what might have happened look in the opening for season three and last fun fact rape can be done by girls

  16. it is set to be aired in Fall 2017 in Japan, thus it might be aired in September or between September and November.

  17. Recently I am spending too much time on finding out why the author decided to put so many new characters in the 4 th season. ISSEI’S CHILDREN? why does anime have to be equalized with LightNovel series???!?!. Why they can’t just focus on relations between Issei and Rias. We still haven’t an opportunity to see Issei sharing HIS FEELINGS TO RIAS ( I am not counting the last episode of season 3, because eventually Issei forgot everything he did with Rias on this beach – SHAME). As far as I know, in books issei didn’t have his own children, only in 22 Volume, he got married with Rias. So if author put unknown characters to anime, oh sorry – The Director of anime, not author, why is he not focusing on LOVE between main protagonists of this series.

    I have also some different conclusion to other fans of this series.
    Don’t you all think, it is not nice that Issei have children with every girl he knew before. He should have kids only with Rias…

  18. So as we were guessing if Issei would marry Rias, now we learned that he had children with all the girls in the group? Which is his first wife?

  19. this anime has too much potential to get boring or end anytime soon!!! you got Demons, Angels, Leviathans, mages, Gods and Dragons which is telling you the story can goes on and on 😀 been waiting for season 4 for long now! it feels like it has been years already!!!

  20. you see, when a man and a woman fall in love…

    Really, this should have been covered in “the talk” by your parents.

  21. yeah you are a bit late on telling me that i already on my second time reading the light novel and sirzechs and azazel arent dead yet

  22. i read the whole light novel, everything up to vol22. There is enough material for like 3 more seasons (at least). I dont get why they need to put in stuff that doesnt maybe even fit in the story. Season 3 already didnt made any sense. There were a lot of information left out, like the rating ggame between rias and sona. And yeah i cant wait to see gaspers balancebreaker in the anime, or kibas new swords, they look sick 😀

  23. So much fan support and if they stop on season 4 then oh my god. Konosuba may get a season 3 due to the Novels and whatnot and Naruto has been around since 2002 and then they made shippuden and then they made Movies and now even making Boruto:Naruto next Generation and let snot begin with fairy tail. Fairy Tail…Fairy Tail 2014 and there have been Conformations that a new Fairy Tail is coming soon so it can’t make sense that more Of Highschol DxD cant come due to its overpopularity an fanservice.

  24. this is according to the light novel

    The other big thing that happens in EX is that some of Issei’s children come from the future to help correct the timeline. There’s stated to be over 20 of them (in 30~ years with over 10+ girls? Damn!) but only around 10 of them appear. They are as follows:

    Ex Gremory: The main character of the story and the son of Issei and Rias. He wields an artificial version of the Boosted Gear and a crimson sword named Galatine III. It is implied he is trained by Kiba and Vali.
    Kurenai Himejima: The eldest of the siblings and the son of Issei and Akeno. He inherited the abilities of the Himejima bloodline and his grandfather. He’s also the person who created the Artificial Boosted Gear for his brother Ex.
    Zen Quarta: Son of Issei and Xenovia. He wields the Durandal IV.
    Shirayuki: Daughter of Issei and Koneko. Senjutsu user.
    Kurobara: Daughter of Issei and Kuroka. Senjutsu user. Both her and Shirayuki were implied to be born on the same day… so make of that what you will.
    Airi Hyoudou: The second eldest of the siblings, and is the daughter of Issei and Asia. It’s implied she is trained by Sairaorg, and thus has incredible strength and is also capable of using magic centered around nature. Ironically enough, she has the commanding personality.
    Shin Shidou: Son of Issei and Irina. He is an Angel with Dragon wings.
    Robertina Hyoudou: Daughter of Issei and Ravel. She respects her father the most of all the siblings.
    Helmwige: Daughter of Issei and Rossweisse. She is capable of using high-level sealing magic like her mother.
    Ernestine Galnstein Daughter of Issei and Elmenhilde. She makes a big entrance in the finale by bringing her father right to Loki.

  25. um i think you mean quality and the reason it is so bad is because you are watching it on some random site (probably kissanime) that does not necessarily stream in 1080p. Solution: ethernet

  26. I already read it all sitting with a thumb up my ass waiting for the new volume to be translated

  27. Seriously the season 3 exploit the fan-service too much. I like fan-service, but watching Isse surrounded with boobs every time he wake up is somehow boring. Hopefully they will consider to tell more about DxD lores (like having dragon, devil, angel, god, mystic creature, sacred gears, etc in same planet, how amazing is that ?!), and most importantly more rating games.

  28. They are from the future, as the article stated the rumors are that Loki messes around with time so Issei teams up with his (future) daughters.

  29. if you read the light novel, there is a short volume after a year basically of season 3 time, everyone would have did the deal and have kids. They would show up though by going back in time to save this timeline.

  30. Its weird because, the season 4 pv showed like 10+ volumes pics, like all the way from volume 7 or 8 from season 3 to volume 20 or 21 i think the last being roseweisse in the bath with Issei. They even have Xenovia president cover art, Irina and Issei Christmas scene.

  31. Zen, Kurenai, Shin, and Ex are sons. Robertina, Ernestine, Airi, Shirayuki, Kurobara, and Helmwige are daughters. The article said that they were all daughters.

  32. Dude, you’re looking at the wrong place if you want a wrap. Anime nowadays never do a wrap. It’s all cliffhangers one after another. You won’t find an ending with this anime. Read the light novel if you wanna see the ending, you wont regret it. Also he proposes to Rias and Akeno. He doesn’t ask Sirzechs since he already approves and Sirzechs is kind of “Dead” along with most of the leaders (Azazel, Serafall etc..) He has children with the all of the ORC people including Ravel and Elmenhilde(also from the novel). He actually becomes a King also and a high class devil. He’s also as powerful as a Super Class devil. I honestly thought they would at least continue the novels. I’m crying, I wanted to see the Cardinal Crimson form and his fight with Sairaorg. Wanted to see Cao Cao too.

  33. It’s gonna be based on High School DxD EX light novel, I think. It’s about his children going back in time in order to save Asia. Something happens to future Asia. And Issei has children with Rias, Akeno, Rossweisse, Koneko, Kuroka, Xenovia, Irina, Ravel, and Elmenhilde (she’s a vampire from the Light Novel)

  34. I, personally, prefer to see it animated over reading the lightnovel since I’m still fairly new to the wonderful world anime and have only just recently gotten into manga but, the thought of reading a lightnovel, which from my understanding is basically a book with a couple illustrated pictures throughout each chapter seems kinda boring, I’m more of a visual kinda guy

  35. i just absolutely love the show. not just from all of the fan service, but i really enjoyed the storyline and the plot (even though it was super cheesy at times).this is one of the few anime series that i finished within a 24 hour period of starting it. and to be honest and i really dont say this about a lot of anime i really enjoyed the romantic side of it. i loved Rias as a character even if at times she was a major cock tease 75% of the time. since the end of season 1 i just wanted to see Rias and Isse get married in the end of it all. plus i just want to see Isse ask sirzechs if he can marry his sister, that would be funny.but i really want the righters to do something kinda like what full metal alchemist brotherhood did when they wrap up the series. i want to be satisfied with the ending and not be like “wait was that really it? what happened to this character or this one”. but thats just me what do you all think?

  36. if you go by light novels this show can get 5 to 6 more seasons considering they only covered 7 volumes in 3 seasons there are 22 volumes currently and its still not over

  37. what? the art style is its art style and also, its Let’s and ALSO its anime so they cant really “improve” the “graphics”

  38. can someone tell me why you guys rlly wanna see this Anime?
    (i just wanna see if you guys fell the same as me and i rlly wanna see season 4. I think i might get a hard attack if i dont watch it soon O.O) plz someone answer my question

  39. hey do you guys thing this new season will be the last season for high school dxd,cause i want them to make more season.

  40. i guessing itlle be end of this year they want to put a little more time into the next seasons as the last felt rushed


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