Here’s What Do Cowboys Need To Do To Beat 49ers


This week Dallas Cowboys are traveling to San Francisco to battle the 49ers. Huge game for the Cowboys who’s schedule is getting tougher in the next couple of weeks. They are the favorites in this matchup and need to take advantage of this opportunity.

49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert hasn’t been even close to impressive so far. He didn’t do much to help this team win, and we don’t think he will do that against ‘Boys. So what does that mean for 49ers gameplan? It indicates that Carlos Hyde will be used more.

San Francisco should run the ball a lot in this game, especially if they get that early lead. They have 11th best rushing attack in the NFL, and they are going to try to control the clock with their running game.

Cowboys, of course, need to stop that. Holding the run in this game will be the key on defense for Dallas. Their D part of the team needs to step up, especially if Bryant doesn’t play and offense is weaker than usual.

It’s pretty clear what Dallas will attempt on offense, and it’s pretty similar to what 49ers will try to do. Run the ball. Ezekiel Elliot has seen 30 carries in Week 3, and he will get similar workload this round as well. Alfred Morris will also be involved and will have some touches, but if Bryant doesn’t suit up for this game, Zeke will be the man for Cowboys.

So the gameplan is simply this. Run the ball – stop the run.