Here’s What To Expect From Colin Kaepernick In His First Start


It took only five weeks of bad play from Blaine Gabbert for Chip Kelly to realize that Colin Kaepernick should start at quarterback. On paper, Kaep’s playstyle fits what Chip Kelly wants to do on the offensive side of the ball. He can pass, but he can make plays with his legs as well. That is also an important factor here.

Now when Kaepernick is the starter, we need to think about his opponent on Sunday and what can we expect from him. Well, we know what we can expect from the Buffalo Bills. They will blitz all game long. Rex Ryan will try to make Kaep a passer from the pocket.

If they are successful in doing just that, they should be in a good position to win this game. But, it’s not easy to blitz a guy who can run the way Kaepernick can. He is capable of making some big time plays with his legs, and he will probably be able to do that against Buffalo on Sunday.

We don’t expect Kaepernick to explode on Sunday and surprise everybody with his performance. Most likely we will see safe plays without huge amounts of risk for him to feel the ball. On the other hand, he should have a decent or good match and for sure, better than performances of Blaine Gabbert.

We predict that he will throw for 230 yards and run for another 35 yards. He will throw one touchdown and run for another one, but he will also throw one interception. It’s hard to image that Niners can beat Bills who are on a role as of late, but everything is possible. Week 7 matchup is much better for Kaep than this one, and we do expect big things from him next Sunday.