Henrik Fisker founded a company called Fisker Inc. that will try to compete in the already crowded car market. According to Fisker, the first electric vehicle which will be manufactured will go 400 miles per one charge. Moreover, it will have a top speed of 161 mph plus, it will be fully autonomous.

However, the company confirmed nothing about the autonomous driving neither did they start testing the prototype, so everything is at an early stage. The company officials announced on Monday that the fully autonomous driving will be available only when it meets regulatory approval. They also stated that their self-driving technology supplier will be announced “soon”.

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Fisker didn’t want to reveal too many details, so he only said that the new EV called Fisker EMotion will be manufactured in the US factory and presented in the mid-2017. If he pulls this off, this car will have the highest range, beating the Model 3 which will cover at least 215 miles per charge and Bolt rated at a 238-mile range.

Although this car will be introduced next year, it is unknown when it will reach production. The Fisker Automotive raised a mind-boggling $1.2 billion from public and private funds. Henrik Fisker resigned as executive chairman in 2013, whereas in the 2014 Wanxiang Group purchased Fisker’s assets for $149.2 million. Wanxiang is producing a copy of the original Fisker Karma car which costs $130,000.

Let’s get back to the new electric vehicle. It will be made of carbon fiber and aluminum and it will have an enormous curved windshield. The car’s aerodynamics is fascinating. An integrated spoiler will be added to the rear end. Fisker Inc. will join forces with Nanotech Energy Inc. to produce battery packs for the car. Moreover, there will be more interior space than planned at first.

We will keep an eye on Fisker Inc. in order to see whether this car will reach production or only remain a prototype.