Hemlock Grove was a popular series, but unfortunately, Netflix decided to cancel Season 4, and the series was no longer aired. For those who do not know, Hemlock Grove is an American horror and thriller television show that is available on streaming service Netflix.

Brian McGreevy developed the series which was based on his novel, and he was also the executive produced together with Eli Roth, Eric Newman, Peter Friedlander, Mark Verheiden, Charles H. Eglee, Michael A. Connolly, Deran Sarafian and Lee Shipman. Gaumont International Television, ShineBox SMC, and United Bongo Drum co-produced the series for Netflix. Season 1 became available on Netflix on April 19, 2013.

Hemlock Grove is a town in Pennsylvania where the storyline is set. The main characters are coming from the Godfrey family, but other city residents play an important role as well. Famke Janssen, Bill Skarsgard, and Landon Liboiron play other main roles in the series. Penelope Mitchell, Freya Tingley, Joel de la Fuente, Dougray Scott, Tiio Horn are also among the main cast members.

Season three of the show consists of 10 one-hour episodes and it is available on Netflix. When the show was officially renewed for a third season on September 2, 2014, Netflix also stated that a third season would be the last one and that there would be no fourth season. However, the writers managed to create a closure for the series, but there was no doubt that the fans were disappointed. Did you like watching this show? What was your favorite moment?


  1. Can’t believe they wouldn’t even bother with Season 4. Why bother showing it at all then? Actors are great, special effects are awesome. Better than other Supernatural series I’ve watched and rolled my eyes at while wondering, how can they even put this on the air? What a shame.

  2. I just watched this show and it is one of the best shows I’ve watched in a long time. I think they should bring it back.I started a petition on fb to get signatures to bring it back.I so hope it works.I realy realy realy wanna see more episodes.and fans are not disapointed in this show but only disappointed it did not continue.

  3. What a shame. That was definitely one of the best vampire/wolf shows I have seen in a long time. It was so well written and played. Hopefully some other network realizes this and picks it up!

  4. penny dreadful aired on showtime on sundays. it only had 6 seasons before showtime canceled it

  5. are you kidding me! my wife and me got in to two netflix series. penny dreadful,and hemlock grove and you cancel both of them on us. thats just messed up… i guess your suck us in on another series and cancel it too….CUT IT OUT!

  6. Romani* – they mispronounced it the first time they say it. its Ro- like row your boat, mon like monday, and ee like see, rather than roman like the Roman empire and ee, if that makes sense.


    and I agree. I just finished and I’m sad that they cancelled it. my hope is that if enough people watch it and tweet at netflix to bring it back, they might consider it. I am not holding my breath, but man… what a rare gem. I could have done without the rape in season one. but the rest… amazing.

  7. i just marathon watched this for the first time. this story was so epic!! i love that it also revolves around the culture of the romany people (spelling?) and sheds light on the misunderstandings of their culture in modern society and how they have been mistreated and how they have survived this mistreatment, along with the magical and mystical. you rarely find stories like this…stories that are full of intrigue are everywhere. from crime shows to run of the mill soap operas…but this story was just different and superior in its content and stortelling. it had it all. the intrigue as well as the magical, the dangers, the heros journey, love, moral dilemmas, all masterfully told. my only criticisms are that i wish there had been more werewolf transformations involved overall…and that netflix was shortsighted enough to actually cancel the show. its surprising actually…vampires and werewolves are popular these days and the review i saw said the show was popular as well. i dont think they know how much a rare and epic gem of a story they really had here cuz if they did they wouldnt have cancelled it. please bring it back.


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