Heel Turns That Everybody Wants To See Happen In WWE


Babyface characters are always good, especially if you have those pure babyfaces that you really want to cheer for like John Cena was in his earlier days when he just started with this show that he has now. Another great example is Daniel Bryan, a guy that is cheered today in every single arena even though he doesn’t wrestle anymore. But, there are times when the babyface character doesn’t work and you just you need to turn it heel.

Roman Reigns – This is an obvious one. WWE is trying so hard to push this guy as a face and showing him down fans throats, but he gets booed in every single arena. His face persona is boring to watch, he is not charismatic enough and doesn’t come across as a guy that you want to root for. They need to turn him heel and give the people a real reason to boo him.


Sasha Banks – She is a decent face and fans like her, but her best work is when she was a heel, and WWE needs to make it happen. The promos that she has as a babyface are sometimes cringeworthy and pretty stale. WWE needs to mix things up with this girl, and a heel turn would do the job.


Dean Ambrose – He is playing a good face, and he is making the most of his opportunity. Fans love this guy, and he is one of the most charismatic wrestlers on the Smackdown Live roster. But, it seems that his lunatic persona would just go well with him being a heel. It would turn him into this psychopath that wants to destroy everything in his path. It seems that WWE is prolonging his heel turn with IC title run, but he really isn’t doing a thing with it. They need to give the title back to The Miz or Baron Corbin and let Ambrose go crazy as a heel on Tuesday Nights.