6 Hat Fashion Dos And Don’ts For The Ladies

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In another era, almost all women wore some kind of hat. Nowadays it is not a mandatory part of the formal look, although we can often see different styles of hats on members of the royal family or members of the aristocracy. But that doesn’t mean that ordinary people can’t wear a hat too. On the contrary, this very fashion accessory can make you look refined and elegant, without much effort.

On the other hand, today hats are not so easily available and you may need to buy one specially made for you. Orders are placed with hat makers, who design for you and choose materials together, so you have the best Women’s designer hats on the market.

But even when that’s the case, there are still certain rules you should follow, or at least keep in mind, when choosing a hat for you.

1. The hat must be the correct size for you

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The hat must fit correctly on your head, even if you need to fasten it with a barrette or hair tie. Also pay attention to the weather outside, because sometimes just a little wind is enough to blow your hat off your head. On the other hand, there are small hats that are worn over the hairstyle, and you can’t experiment too much with them.

Of course, the hat should not be too tight either, because it can only give you a headache, which is really unpleasant.

2. Wear a hat every day if it’s comfortable for you


If you like the way your hats look, you can wear them every day and not worry about whether anyone likes them or not. When it comes to fashion accessories, the most important thing is that you like them and feel comfortable.

But if an occasion requires you to take off your hat, no matter what the reason, then you should follow those rules. It can be a private party, a wedding, or even a funeral, or some completely different situation where you need to be careful about your appearance. That’s why it’s good to learn the etiquette of wearing hats and stick to it, so you won’t be thought of as a person who doesn’t care about anything around you.

3. Choose a functional hat for you

When we talk about functional hats, we mean those that serve to keep your hair in place, protect you from the weather, or match the tone of the place you’re going.

Of course, you should also be careful where you wear your hats. There’s a difference from formal to casual occasions, and it’s up to you to take off your hat if you notice that you’re bothering someone around you. For example, if you’re at the cinema or theater, there’s really no need to wear a hat at all, as you wouldn’t want to disturb other people’s enjoyment of the show.

4. Match the hats with your style and appearance

It’s easy to match a hat to your style, but it also needs to look good on your face shape. For example, if you have a petite build, you can go with a sleek, refined model that will make you look taller. If you wear glasses, you can choose a hat that has a detail made of tulle, which will add mystique to your face.

If you have an elongated face, berets are a better choice than a classic hat, while if you have a round face, you can wear small hats decorated with ribbons or flowers. If your jaw shape is square, you can wear larger hats to soften the harsh features.

And of course, most of the time hats follow the colors and style of your clothes, but this is not a rule, because you can experiment and find your favorite look.

5. Do not combine a hat and a formal dress

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If you are wearing an evening gown, then we recommend that you do not wear a hat. In such cases, it works better if you wear a hairstyle with a nice decoration, for example, a flower or a barrette. Hats would distract from the dress, but they’re not really a proper fashion accessory, especially if you want to make a big impression wherever you go.

6. Respect hat etiquette

You are not expected to know the etiquette by heart, but you still need to distinguish in which situations it is good to wear a hat, and when you should find another fashion accessory.

For example, at celebrations where you are not the center of attention, you should try to look decent and elegant, but not extravagant. It really wouldn’t be polite if you were trying to draw all the attention to yourself. It is even better if you consult with fashion experts or your hat designer.

And of course, it’s fine not to wear a hat at all if the event involves a table meal rather than just catering snacks and drinks.


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There is no great philosophy about when and how to wear hats. The rule is simple – if the hat does not bother anyone, in any way, then there is nothing wrong with wearing it as a signature accessory. But if there’s a risk of it falling off during the event, hitting someone, or in any way getting in the way and attracting a lot of attention, leave your favorite hat for another occasion.

And of course, make sure it always looks good, is made of quality material, is clean, and doesn’t have any dust or hair on it. Try wearing it at home and see if it slips out of your hair or if it fits and frames your face well.

Experiment with different hairstyles, as this will also help you choose the right one. Finally, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing a hat, you don’t need to wear one, even if a rule or code requires you to.

In the end, it’s all about being comfortable with what you wear, and how you wear it. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, then there is no purpose in being uncomfortable with hats.