Hart of Dixie Season 5 Cancelled, Fans Still Hope for Renewal


Hart of Dixie is a comedy-drama TV series which first appeared on The CW in September 2011. It was immediately well-received, so the showrunners wasted no time, but renewed the series for new seasons year after year. However, in March 2015, only a couple of months after the Season 4 release, people started speculating that the fourth season may actually be the show’s finale. Later on, in May of the same year, The CW confirmed the speculations and officially announced that there would be no highly-anticipated sequel to deliver – the network just decided to cancel the drama.

At first, there were some rumors suggesting that the show had been canceled due to poor ratings, but eventually, the actress playing the protagonist, Rachel Bilson was the one to blame for halting the Hart of Dixie Season 5. Namely, it was speculated that Bilson’s pregnancy is the only true reason for not filming a new season because the series just wouldn’t be the same without her. Not only was this possibility speculated about, but one of the actress’s co-stars, Jaime King, actually hinted in an interview that that really was the main reason for reaching such decision.


After the fifth season had started airing on Netflix, fans started showing hope that their favorite drama would be continued. Scott Porter, who plays George Tucker in the show, promoted the news that Hart of Dixie Season 4 would air on Netflix on his Twitter account and the fans responded to this post with the idea that it could be Netflix that could pick up the series and renew it for Season 5. There has been no official announcement, not even a comment, about this possibility ever since, but, who knows, their wishes might come true after all. What do you think about this idea?