Hardy Boys Coming Back To WWE?

Source: inquisitr.com

WWE is still the biggest wrestling company in the world, and they have the wrestling world in their hands. Still, that doesn’t mean that there are no guys out of the WWE that are popular and universally liked. A couple of them are Matt and Jeff Hardy, two guys that have been with the organization in the past and made their name there, but reinvented themselves later in their careers and remained important on the Indy scene.

Matt Hardy is doing the best work of his career right now as his Broken Matt gimmick is beautiful. A lot of wrestling fans love it and are praising Matt for what he has been able to do. Yes, Jeff has always been the more popular Hardy, but Matt is the leader of this team right now. Jeff or Brother Nero like Matt calls him now, is also using his new gimmick to help out his brother. It’s safe to say that what they have right now is working.


They are under the contract with the TNA, but there have been no signs of them re-signing with them in the near future. That could mean that they are on their way back to WWE. This message by Broken Matt has a lot of people talking. When asked how his “total domination” is going, Matt answered.

“Wonderfully. I will delete the Bucks Of Yout on April 1st at ROH, and all of MeekMahan’s tag teams will follow.”

MeekMahan” is, of course, Vince McMahon, chairman and the CEO of the WWE. This can mean that the broken brothers will be returning to the company this year and will take their “expedition of gold” to the WWE Universe. We are very glad to hear that more guys will be added to the roster, especially since we really like what these two can offer.