HandEnergy: a charger that uses energy from a human body!


Thanks to this invention, our gadgets now can be charged up with a simple arm twist. Estonian Michael Vaga (19) designed a charger named HandEnergy which very usefully uses your body energy to charge your smartphone, camera, flashlight or any other gadget you may have.

The charging device operates very simply. It has a gyroscope built into it and when you start moving your hand that gyroscope activates and starts producing electric energy which can be stored in the devices built-in battery or charge the smartphone or any other gadget instantly. This project has been submitted to Kickstarter by Michael, and it has already gathered more than $74,876 which is way more than $52,730 which were planned initially. Thanks to this and all of his backers, Michael will be able to start manufacturing his HandEnergy and release it to the market, where all of us will be able to buy it starting March this year for a price of $105.


Vaga even stated that “With each rotation of the arm the speed of the rotor increases and produces more energy. The average rotor speed is 5.000 rpm, and that mechanical energy is converted into electrical.” He also added that this is a good source of energy when you have an emergency of that kind.

He needed nearly a year to develop the HandEnergy, and the ideal users of such device are those who are often on the road or just simply away from a power source, like campers or mountain climbers. To completely charge up the internal device’s battery you need to move the HandEnergy around for 40 minutes to an hour, and if you are charging your phone at the same time, the device is around 30% slower.