Halloween event due for Pokemon GO?


Lately, there have been some speculations and guesses from social media that there is a Halloween event in the preparation for Pokemon GO. Facebook and Twitter Pokemon Go themed accounts have lately made some posts that many took as a tease for the Halloween event that is supposed to be on its way.

As you would expect from such news it is riddled with speculations and the most popular of them are that the Pokemon Go Halloween event will somehow include Pokemon Ghosts for which you will receive as much as double the XP if you catch one. The other hope/guess is that the Niantic will make more Pokemon Ghosts to spawn for the Halloween weekend, and even introduce Ghost Pokemon from later generations the same weekend, but that is all pure speculations.

The game developers teased us before with statements that events like this will have very important role in Pokemon Go, but that could just mean that they will use specific dates to allow us to catch those elusive Legendary Pokemon’s or the Ditto which is still out of the picture. Ingress, the other game from the same developer, keeps regular location-based competitions as well as special events that allow players to get double AP. Maybe Niantic will use some of these for Pokemon GO, who knows?!


But the last possibility, and that is the one which will probably disappoint you as much as us, will be that the developers and the Pokemon Go’s social media coordinator are just trying to get into the Halloween spirit. This would, of course, mean that Niantic has no intentions to spice the game up for all of us. Though Niantic added a few updates to the game recently and they will keep up the good work, players are upset that Niantic hasn’t added long overdue features and a “speedlock” that will make impossible to play the game if you are traveling over 30 MPH.