Hackers exploiting Windows flaws, Microsoft updates every month


Microsoft discovered several bugs in a few of its programs this October. Among them are two browsers and some Office applications. The software mogul was able to quickly fix this error though.

There were actually about fifty of these flaws that had been detected a few days ago. Five of them were considered critical and needed immediate attention. Four of these bugs were being exploited but Microsoft had chosen not to divulge any more information about them as of the moment.

Customers, however, are being reminded to be more careful when using the Internet. They must take extra discretion when receiving links and files online. It is recommended to review the sources of these files before opening them.

One mishap that Microsoft wants everyone to be on the lookout for is called IE zero – day. It is a computer coding error that could allow potential hackers to check the existence of some files on a computer drive or storage device. The good thing about this is that these conniving techies need to convince their targets to be successful with their evil plot. So, if you are wise enough, you can prevent these loafers from exploiting your system.

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Office had not been spared either. It has a weakness on its memory functions which can enable an ill – intentioned software engineer to take over your system. Exploitation of this glitch can be made through email attachments and website links.

The same problem goes with graphics. It can also be attacked with harmful elements.

Edge zero – day is a slipup affecting browser scripts. Malfunction happens when a someone visits a malicious website.

Consequently, Microsoft just began using their new model for updating Windows software which can be relied upon to fight security problems in just one update.

From this point forward, Microsoft will be performing rollup updates every month. These patches will include security fixes to prevent possible attacks.


Another rollup will be scheduled on the third Tuesday of every month. The purpose of this is to check for issues not related to security. To ensure consistent quality of their software, Microsoft follows including those former adjustments in their rollup preview.

.Net Framework is also starting to take heed of this predicament. They will also be releasing their updates at one time every month just as Windows is doing.