What Is A Habitation Service & Why Is It Important?


Motorhomes have many advantages and that is why many people use them with pleasure. They are a means of transportation, but besides that, they represent a whole concept. It is basically a home on the weels that can take you wherever you want, with the luxury and comfort you have at your home. If you want your camper to serve you for a long period, it is necessary to provide them with an annual habitation service.

This way you will ensure that your camper is in the best possible condition and that you can enjoy your travels without fear of unforeseen circumstances. Here is some more information on what is a habitation service and why is it important.

What is a habitation service?


Habitation services refer to the services of checking all parts of the living room within your camper. It is a detailed inspection that determines whether all parts are in good condition, as well as whether there are malfunctions, or they could occur in the near future. This can prevent accidents and unpleasant situations during the trip when you are not able to contact someone to help you or just do it for some reasonable price.

Habitation service is very detailed and refers to the inspection of the gas system, water supply network, as well as electrical system in the motorhome. As you know, all three systems are very important and the failure of any of them can cause dangerous consequences, and in the mildest case, they can disrupt your plans and ruin your vacation. Besides checking the listed systems, the engineer will also double-check all the locks, as well as whether the windows and doors are well sealed, in order to prevent the moisture appearance in your camper.

And every motorhome owner knows that moisture is one of the biggest enemies because it easily destroys everything and impairs the quality of the vehicle. Some of the other things inspected within these services are ventilation and fire protection. The employees working in the habitation service will also offer you a complete overview of the chassis, which will give you a broader picture of the condition of the caravan and whether it is necessary to make repairs or replace parts.

Why is it important?


The most important reason why you should conduct an annual habitation service is that it is the only way to be completely sure that everything is fine with your motorhome. Keep in mind that water, electricity, and gas are present in it, so it is necessary to regularly check the correctness of these systems and take the necessary measures in time. You don’t want to face unwanted consequences just because you didn’t think about these things when you should have.

Second, if you are planning to sell your camper you will not be able to do so without a done habitation service, because otherwise, you will not be able to prove that your motorhome is in the condition in which you state it is. Having good results of the done habitation service will be additional security for the future buyer and it will be easier to decide to buy it. Why don’t give them a little nudge?

Lastly, we suggest that you maintain your vehicle regularly for the most logical reason – because this will ensure that it lasts a long time and that you can enjoy all of its benefits alone or with your family members.

Can I do the habitation service on my own?

In order to save money, many owners of motorhomes are wondering if they can perform the habitation service themselves. It is not easy to give the correct answer, because it depends on several different factors. In the first place, it is necessary to have adequate tools. Many people use tools that are not up to the task, so in the end, you can do more harm than good. Think carefully about whether you have all the necessary equipment. Otherwise, you can spend more money on tool replacement than you would by hiring a habitation service specialist.

Secondly, read the conditions on the warranty and whether you cancel it if you perform work on your camper yourself. this is sometimes the case, so if you are planning to sell a motorhome it is a good idea to ensure that the warranty is still valid, to make it easier to attract customers.

If you want our advice, we recommend that you find experts to whom you will place your trust and who will do all the necessary checks in the best possible way.

Many companies offer habitation servicing on all makes of van conversion motorhomes in the UK so click here for more details. By hiring such experts, you can be completely sure that your camper is in good hands and that you will get all the necessary information as soon as possible.

So, to answer the question: you can do the habitation service on your own, but we certainly don’t recommend it since it comes with many risks.

How long does a habitation service take?


The standard habitation service procedure takes several hours, usually between three and four hours. Considering that it only takes place once a year, we suggest that you free up the morning or afternoon for this and do not rush the engineers, because this inspection will ensure a safe ride for the whole next year.

Conclusion: All motorhome owners know how many advantages this vehicle brings with it. You can enjoy driving and traveling to any destination, whenever you want. It is a house on wheels that provides you with the comfort of home. However, if you want to be served for a long time and enjoy a smooth ride and travel alone or with your family, it is necessary to conduct an annual habitation service. During this inspection, all significant parts of your camper will be checked and you will get an insight into any malfunctions or parts that need to be replaced soon. This way you will be able to be sure that you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your motorhome throughout the next year, without any worries.