Gwenpool – Deadpool’s Pink female twin is deadly sweet!


When you read the title, you instantly think “well there you have it, they already started making cheap knockoffs out of successful movies and comics” but in this case, you would be wrong. Gwenpool is much like Deadpool, a comedic superhero prancing around in her candy-colored bloodbath, chopping down one villain after another with her katana, yet she is so different.

Every Marvel fan knows how much they like to experiment and most of their experiments succeed. Such is Gwenpool, an unapologetic female version of Deadpool, which was firstly introduced in Marvel’s female-hero-heavy holiday special in which she annoyed the heck of other superheroes such as She-Hulk and Hellcat. Gwenpool instantly became a hit, and after Marvel was cluttered with fan art and very nicely planned cosplay, they decided to make her a solo comic titled “The Unbelievable Gwenpool”. On October 12th Marvel released Gwenpool #7, starting a new story arc meaning that wishes came true for readers who want to jump in Gwenpool’s wacky world.

One more similarity with Deadpool is her origin. She also comes from an alternate universe where she already knows everything about every Marvel superhero and villain. This makes her comic very interesting because every once and a while she addresses to the reader giving you pointers and info about who everyone is and what they want. She is aware that she is in a comic book, but she also knows you are definitely lost in Marvel’s multiverse, and she is just trying to help. For those of you, that didn’t know she also had a mild-mannered tech geek who used to be her sidekick, but Marvel strangely decided to kill him off in a rather horrible twist. After That Marvel’s Gwenpool became even more popular and skyrocketed in terms of picking up new readers and fans.

Gwenpool #7 is available online now, and Issues 1 through 6 can be purchased at local comic book stores or Marvel’s website.