Guide to Sleeping Better: 5 Steps To Have A Sound Sleep

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Not getting enough sleep can be extremely detrimental to your health. It can lead to you suffering from concentration and memory problems, can increase your risk of obesity and can really affect your mood, often leading to depression or anxiety if not resolved. To maintain a healthy body and lifestyle, sleep is essential. Yet, there are times when because of work or personal pressures, lifestyle choices or factors within our home that we just can’t seem to get enough. Read our 5 steps to better sleep and see if you can start feeling more human again.

Know your Bedtime and Stick to One Sleep Schedule

A sleep schedule is incredibly important when it comes to helping you fall asleep and staying asleep. Your body loves routine, it thrives on knowing what is expected of it at various points throughout the day. If you go to sleep, therefore, at the same time each night, your body will gradually begin to learn that that is the time for falling asleep. Likewise, if you wake up at the same time, your body will learn to stay asleep until that time. Find advice on creating a sleep schedule here.

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Eliminate All Caffeine Starting at 2 PM

Caffeine is actually a stimulant. It’s great for giving you the pep you need to get going and keep going each day but if you consume it too close to bedtime it can disturb your sleep patterns. Try cutting out caffeine after 2 pm and see if you can sleep better. Why not take a look at our post looking at the best advice for sleep problems for more information, while you are at it.

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Improve your sleep environment

Take a look at your sleep environment and see if it is actually conducive to helping you fall asleep. Is it a relaxing environment or are there things that trigger your mind into overdrive? Think about the temperature too. Cooler environments help us fall asleep quicker, so consider turning the temperature down if you feel too warm. You should also really consider your mattress. Is it providing the right support for you in your favored sleeping position? If not, take a look at this guide to the best mattress and consider choosing a new one.

Also, you may want to consider a weighted blanket. They provide a sense of comfort and calmness that will have you sleeping in no time. You can check out the great selection from Mosaic Weighted Blankets here.

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Stop Exercising 4 Hours Before Bed

Exercising releases endorphins that can prevent you from sleeping. Try not to exercise for at least 4 hours before you go to sleep. Exercise is actually a great way to wake your body up in the morning so why not try and shift your routine around and use those endorphins to your benefit.

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Wind down and clear your head

To help you fall asleep quicker, make sure you spend some time unwinding before you go to bed. Avoid screens, these can really interrupt your natural rhythms and prevent you from enjoying quality sleep. Instead, spend some time listening to some relaxing music, reading a good book or journaling about your day. According to, you also need a comfortable bed in order to relax completely. Choose an activity that doesn’t stimulate you in any way but that you will actually enjoy so that you want to do it each night.

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