GTA VI release date and news


Rockstar Games is very busy lately because a few days ago we read news about a long awaited game sequel (Red Dead Redemption 2) from this company which made everyone very happy. The RDR 2 announcement made this game studio jump to the top of the talks again since the GTA V hype has gone down slightly. GTA VI release date and news are just in time, if you ask me, to bring up the fans on their feet once again and with all kind of speculations that are bound to emerge as well.

The fame that Rockstar Games have is in constant growth. Every new title that comes out of that company seem to be an instant hit. Some may argue, but two biggest hits that came from this game maker are GTA and Red Dead Redemption. Both games have an enormous fan base and bring in more money than any other title that they released. One thing adorns this game maker, and that is a tendency of deliberately delaying their sequels. Some of you would state that the delays are to perfect the game while other claims that the hype surrounding the game is sometimes more important than the release itself, and that is the main reason for the delays. When you bring up the expectation to the boiling point you have done more than half of the job, but equally important is to deliver more than perfect end product to justify the time spent developing it.

Recently the internet is riddled with speculations and “news” regarding the GTA franchise, more specifically its 6th part. There have been a lot of rumors of a possibility that the GTA V (released in 2013) might very well be the final one but that is far fetched and unlikely, and Rockstar Games haven’t made any official announcements regarding this option. When you take a realistic look on the matter, no sane company will ever shut down or stop a product that is its golden goose from day one. That is why we think that the GTA VI will happen definitely, and the delay is most likely happening for a reason – to perfect everything and tailor-fit the necessary features for this sequel. The launch prediction of the GTA VI is being set for 2024, and at this point, it seems that this forecast is most likely to be correct, especially because Rockstar is releasing Red Dead Redemption 2 meaning less work on that project and more time for other.