The GTA V fans have been searching every inch of the game, and they have finally found out that extraterrestrial beings exist. Since this is GTA we are talking about, the discovery is linked to murder and digital theft.

A few weeks ago, GTA Online was updated, and it received new weaponry, vehicles, and some large underground bunkers. The new update brought a lot of files and code which indicated that an alien UFO crashed near the Zancudo military base. Players were thrilled about a chance to figure out a mystery which involves an alien egg that was connected to the suspected event.


The Team Guru members tried to activate the pieces of alien coding for weeks, and they eventually managed to do so by switching in-game variables. Now, the alien supply mission is available in the game. Furthermore, we are waiting for the updates to kick in and this mission to activate properly, but we don’t know whether this is the final version of the event and if this is going to enter the game officially. One thing is for sure – Rockstar is doing something about the whole idea of aliens crashing in GTA Online.

The mission itself is nothing special. You need to go to some location and steal supplies, and this is where the alien egg is included in the story. Once you are there, you see a massive UFO crashed into the swamp surrounded by dead soldiers and scientists. Also, several extraterrestrial beings emerge, and you need to kill them and return with the supplies. The mission is not too exciting, but the fans can finally see and do something concrete after years of searching.


With this being said, some gamers are disappointed as they expected a large single-player reward. On the other hand, some are very pleased with this, and they are carried with the thought that this is the start of something bigger. Be that as it may, the Los Santos citizens know that they aren’t alone in the universe.


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