During last few years, advertising on TikTok became number 1 in the whole world. This is an impressive mix of Snapchat and Instagram stories. TikTok is a place where you will have the opportunity to have fun videos, apply filters, make duets and have a good time. In order to share equally entertaining content as well-known TickTokers, you must not waste time, but grab the fame and TickTok followers as soon as you can. You know that the first impression on the network is the most important. So, your TikTok profile must be something that immediately creates a desire to follow you, so read a few tips and tricks that will help you succeed.

1. Make an effort to leave the first impression


Your followers will get a first impression based on your TickTok profile. The profile should be as meaningful as possible and have interesting content. You also need to think about your name. The name you choose must be likable, short, fun and easy to remember. The name is your personal brand, so let it be loud!

Don’t ignore your description either, because you need to mention something unusual or exciting here as well. Let every casual profile visitor understand what your account is about. If you are missing an idea, look for the best TikTok accounts for your inspiration. Services like TikFuel can help you leave first impression too, because when people see you have many followers already, they will follow you also. And since hardest part is to find followers at the beginning, you should take advantage of numerous options available.

2. Be in trend

If you want your video to reach more people, then you should also follow what is in trend on TikTok at that moment. Sometimes it’s a song, sometimes it’s a dance, sometimes it’s a new challenge that people are recording. Hashtags are also important for Tik Tok advertising. Here you should keep in mind that you do not put a lot of hashtags, but only a few of the most relevant ones.

By choosing the wrong trend, your video will go unnoticed. With a good choice, you will gain in importance and build your audience. Sometimes an algorithm will reward you for that. For example, you use a song that is not so popular, but suddenly becomes a very popular trend.

3. Have interesting content

Your profile should be different from everyone else. This platform is divided into categories and you need to decide on one or several. Each person has their own topic in which they are constantly improving, and you should do the same. Once you find your passion and present it to the world, you will quickly find your fans. Try to be as original as possible, because all celebrities on this platform have original and unique content.

Avoid copying someone else’s content unless it’s a challenge. Look for new trends and realize your own ideas. Most of the videos, at least the ones that are shown to users more often, mostly correspond to a number of challenges or mimes. It is very popular to process a popular song or quote in your own way.

4. Create a cool sound

We’re sure it won’t be much fun to watch videos without any sound. So always use music, but choose your soundtracks carefully. Show your musical taste and stay in trend. Don’t forget the sound quality, because it is really important. For example, if you are talking to someone in your video, use quality equipment. In your free time, practice speaking and be confident.

5. Promote your profile

You can use other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter for this purpose. You can also use Instagram and other alternatives. This will make the videos viral. It would be best to have the same profile picture on all social media accounts, because that way people will recognize you. Encourage them to watch as much of your content as possible by persistently sharing your videos. Of course, it is important to publish only quality videos, because that is the most important aspect if you want to be popular.

If in doubt between shorter and longer videos, always choose shorter versions. Don’t forget to dress nicely and use the right light for your videos. You don’t have to be a professional model, but the visual effect is very important. Try a little more around the makeup and find your shooting angle.

6. Create a challenge

You need to come up with an interesting challenge, and then record your own short video in response to that topic. Try to be as creative as possible so that people will gladly accept this challenge. The ideal theme is a combination of fun, viral and spreading awareness about your brand. Whether you’re challenging or not, don’t forget the hashtag. You can always opt for universal ones, but if you want to highlight your brand, you have to create a unique hashtag. People will later associate it with your challenge and profile.

7. Engage influencers

To be sure of success, you can hire influencers. They will help you reach greater popularity in a very short time. If you find the right person to convey your message, they can be very well received. You can also find influencers on the TikTok market. In addition to influencers, you can also find accounts that have the same audience. Then, do duets with them. When their audience sees your collaboration, we’re sure you’ll win them over. You can spend several hours a day following people and liking them. Concentrate on smaller influencers and write comments that can grab the attention of readers and get them to visit your profile.


TikTok has conquered the market with lightning speed and the fact is that this application brings with it great marketing potential. He put a tool in the hands of his users with the help of which they can quickly and easily create 15-second clips and thus express their creativity. The fun during “editing” them is endless – you choose the music, stickers, recording angle, there is an option of delayed recording, etc. So, you have a lot of possibilities and all you need is to take advantage of all the benefits that this platform offers you.