Gridman anime series finally announced


Rejoice fans because the series that became Super Human Samurai Syber Squad is ready to get its full animated treatment. Can I hear you say “Let’s samuraize!”?

Yes, you read it right, the anime based on the Tokusatsu series Gridman is coming our way, and it has been officially announced at the Anime Expo during the Studio Trigger panel. The official title that the series will carry is SSSS Gridman, according to what RPG Source revealed. Those who are not up to speed with this will immediately ask “What does that SSSS stand for?” Well, Denko Chojin Gridman was originally a Tokusatsu (Japanese special effects series) which was produced by Tsuburaya Productions – most famous for the Ultraman franchise. The Gridman only ran for one season back in 1993 unfortunately, but it later gained a whole new audience when it made a switch into the Power Rangers like series, called Super Human Samurai Syber-Squad. Thanks to the series’ extra long title it was often shortened to SSSS.


Much like Power Rangers (which Super Human Samurai used to rip off everywhere you look) the series took the fight footage from Gridman and wrote their own plots around it. Sometime in 1995 the Super Human Samurai went off the air, and after that, there were no words on anything Gridman releated, until two years ago when Studio Trigger released, as part of the Studio Khara Japan Animator Expo, the anime short Denkou Choukin Gridman: boys invent great hero. This short anime was about a brief fight with Gridman demonstrating his various powers and even an appearance of the Gridman Sigma. You can check how that looked below in the video we provided.

After all of this being said we ask ourselves (and You) – with the name SSSS Gridman, will this new series have a connection to both the original Gridman series and Super Human Samurai? What do you think? The only thing that is sure now and it was disclosed at the panel is that the series will have an original story unrelated to the original Gridman series, but it also does not rule out the possibility that it will, in some way, be tied to the Super Human Samurai. It is once again a waiting game. Patience is a virtue boys and girls?!