What Was So Great About Daniel Bryan?

Source: bleacherreport.com

When you take a look at the story of Daniel Bryan, you are going to see someone that overcame all the odds as the true underdog. In a time and sport when he shouldn’t succeed, this guy was able to rise right to the top of the world. There is nobody that was as over as Daniel Bryan was with the WWE Universe in God knows how long. There were wrestlers that came close, but nobody reached the level of Daniel Bryan? Why is that?

Well, he was a heel first, which always makes you like him later on in his career. That helped out a lot. But the fact of the matter is that when he was a face, it wasn’t just Daniel Bryan, as a wrestling character that was the underdog, but it was Bryan Danielson, a guy that is portraying the character of Daniel Bryan was the underdog. Why? Because the company didn’t want to push him as much as they had to in the end.


They wanted to him to be in the upper mid-card, but not quite in the main event as he was not the type of guy that they wanted to push. The fans saw that and recognized that the company did the same thing with CM Punk. If it wasn’t for Punk’s success, the fans would never back Bryan as hard as they did.

Even though WWE wanted a boring main event in 2014 at Wrestlemania 30 between Orton and Batista, the fans were able to help Bryan out and make the company change their mind. Bryan is just a regular guy that people can associate with, people want to cheer for the wrestler that is fighting against all the odds. When you combine this with the fact that it was not only Bryan’s character that was the underdog but him as a person as well, you get something as powerful as the fans practically sabotaging segments and shows while chanting for Daniel Bryan.