Grandfathered Season 2 Cancelled


Grandfathered a sitcom TV series we had the opportunity to watch on Fox, came out on September 29, 2015. The story of the TV Show revolves around the life of an “earnest” bachelor, who suddenly discovered that he is both a dad and a grandfather. Only one of these discoveries would be shocking, let alone two. Executive producer and the series’ creator is Daniel Chun.

The moment it premiered it received numerous favorable reviews from critics and rather mixed reviews from the audience. Therefore, the TV show has a score of 6.2 out of 10 on Metacritic based on 22 reviews from critics, whereas the audience rated it at 5.2 out of 10. On Rotten Tomatoes, the TV series has an average score of 6.1 out of 10, based on 42 reviews from critics, and a 67% approval rating, while the audience rated the show at 3.4 out of 5, based on 12 reviews from viewers, with 57% approval rating. As far as IMDB is concerned, the TV show has a great score of 8.2 out of 10, based on 213 user votes and 2 reviews from critics.

The focus of the TV show is on Jimmy Martino, portrayed by John Stamos, who is a 50-year-old divorced bachelor and the owner of a restaurant. His life turns upside down when he realizes he has a son. Not only does he have a son, but he has a lovely little granddaughter as well. This makes him a grandfather. How will he deal with these pieces of information?

To a great disappointment of all Grandfathered fans, FOX announced that the series would be canceled due to low television ratings. It is official that the freshman sitcom series won’t be coming back after only one season. Namely, the first episode of the show attracted 5.34 million viewers, while the finale drew only 1.64 million viewers which is a significant drop. Due to this poor result, FOX could do nothing else but to cancel the show.