Graduation Party Ideas for the Class of 2023


Congratulations to the graduates receiving their diplomas in 2023! Graduations this year still might look different unfortunately, with some graduates from across the country still unable to attend their own ceremonies in person. Physical diploma in hand or not, graduation season is an incredible achievement, so you should still celebrate. So how do you throw unforgettable celebrations if you don’t get to attend the actual ceremony? Here are some cool ways to let the class of ‘21 know all their hard work paid off, even if they don’t get the chance to actually walk across the stage.

Video Presentation

If there still isn’t the possibility for an in-person ceremony, you can produce a video that shows the parents presenting their child with the diploma. They (or you) can stand in front of the camera and say a little about what they’re most excited to experience in the future, and then show the graduate off in full cap and gown. You can even send a link out to friends and family and invite them onto a live feed to join in on the celebrations.

Video Chat Parties

This kind of virtual celebration is a relatively new phenomenon in the social media universe, but it has already captured many people’s attention. It is changing how people interact with one another, and it’s something that will likely continue to impact the world for years to come.

Video chat parties are a fun and easy way to celebrate with friends and family who cannot attend a ceremony in person. They allow for those from all over the world to connect in one place and partake in the graduate festivities. You can still invite everyone to dress up as if it were a physical gathering. And for the setup, you can shop at Party City for decorations, balloons, and other supplies or get additional celebration ideas (see more here). Go all out. Do everything you can to make it feel like a special occasion, even though you’re just sitting at home. Graduating only happens once for many of us so it’s important to make the most of it no matter the conditions.

Live-stream the party for fellow graduating seniors in a private group. Make it accessible for everyone to always look back on and invite close classmates to the graduation party. That way, you can encourage everyone to build a community that might last longer through offline friendships.

Video Tribute


What better way to capture a moment than by creating a video that your graduate will be able to share and enjoy for years to come. Celebrate yours with a tribute that will stand the test of time. Record a video to give your student a lifetime of wisdom, advice, and encouragement. You can use this moment to tell them how proud you are about everything they have accomplished in life thus far and what you look forward to seeing them do in the future. You can easily create a video clip that they’ll use as a keepsake for a lifetime. You can also create content around the best moments of their life leading up to graduation, like the most touching speeches or the funniest clips from earlier school days.

Creating a video tribute is a fun, easy, and memorable way to say thanks to graduates for their hard work and dedication. If you know your graduate well, you’ll have no trouble creating a meaningful video that’s both funny and heartwarming. It costs nothing, takes a small bit of time  to make, and you can share it on all the major social networks for all friends and family to enjoy.

Celebrity Congratulatory Video

Graduating is an important landmark in anyone’s life. But students who are graduating often look to influential people for inspiration. In 2023, Cameo will be the best way to get high-profile individuals to make congratulatory videos. Having a successful filmmaker or movie star join in on the virtual celebration gives college graduates a sense of inspiration and motivation as they enter a new chapter in their life. And it will surely be a surprise to have one of their favorite celebs joining in on the congratulation wishes.

Group Video Card

Whether you’re celebrating a high school or college graduation, there are tons of ways to commemorate this momentous occasion. For some people, it’s as simple as taking a group photo to make the rounds on social media. But if you want to go a step further and add some extra flair to your celebratory moments, try creating a video card using Kudoboard’s fun templates and premium features. You can involve any number of participants as you’d like.

Online Gaming Party

There are lots of different ways for graduates to celebrate online. Online and virtual worlds like Second Life offer interesting possibilities for activities and an immersive environment that’s more engaging than the real world. So if you’re planning on having a party soon, and your graduate still loves hopping on live and playing video games with their friends, consider throwing a gaming party. Depending on the group’s interests, you can even have a Sims or Pokemon Go party if that’s what the group is into.

Whatever you choose to do, whether big or small, don’t let anything get in the way of celebrating your graduate’s biggest accomplishment to date. Traditions and typical celebrations may not work during the pandemic, but we must adapt to the times and find ways to get creative. Even though we are in the middle of some groundbreaking changes, the sentiment is still the same. Congratulations, class of ‘21.