GoPro, Inc. (GPRO) Releases Video Recorded with its New GoPro Karma Drone

GoPro Karma Drone

Rumors that GoPro Inc (NASDAQ:GPRO) has been working on a drone are quickly materializing into reality. The company has revealed a teaser video of the Karma drone in action.

The video features steady shots of the forested outdoors. It was recorded using the drone in October as part of a test run of the device. Judging by the stability of the video, the company will most likely be offering a well thought-out gimbal to keep the camera as steady as possible. The video quality is also amazing and was probably recorded at 2.5K resolution. The video has a 1440P quality option on YouTube.

GoPro has been relatively silent about the drone and is yet to reveal any photos or images of the device. Analysts claim that the company will most likely launch the device in early 2016 though there is no official word on it.

The company is said to have embarked on a mission to make its own journey after terminating its partnership with DJI. Some even speculate that the name might have been provoked by the end of that partnership and GoPro’s plan to introduce an aggressive rival to DJI drones especially the DJI Phantom series.

There have also been rumors that the device will cost $500 to $1000, but then again the company has remained silent about the whole issue. It will thus not be easy to confirm whether the rumors are true. Nonetheless, the video has confirmed that the Karma drone is, in fact, real and even though not much is known about it, one thing is for sure. The company will mainly target the same people that are fond of its GoPro cameras.

The company also released updates for its iOS and Android applications on Thursday including an update for GoPro’s Apple Watch App. Users can control the WIFI-enabled cameras using the app. Speaking of control, the new drone will most likely offer revolutionized control features for the drone and the camera from a central controller. GoPro will miss the holiday sales window with “Karma” where sales are usually high since the launch will be in 2016. The firm is expected to reveal the first images and the features of the drone any time from now.

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