Google’s Fiber initiative to attract entrepreneurs, startups to Nashville tech industry


Nashville despite being known for the music industries and healthcare aspect is stepping out of it comfort zone to compete as a tech-savvy company within and outside Tennessee.

The first move they are taking is the Google rollout fiber that promises to provide internet service that will bring a turnaround in the Music City, making it the first to experience fiber in Tennessee.

A 22 years old entrepreneur based in Nashville, Chris Sipe is one of many others that intends to invest in fiber. Having studied computer science and taken on some endeavours and succeeding with them with the help of a team of 4, Sipe said that for the fact that Google has signified interest in this start-up, it may not be necessarily blazing speed, but on the other hand, be an opening for a new talent that is fresh and attractive.

He is of the opinion that the move will be most attractive to big businesses and will enable people that are smart to be in close proximity for an explosion of new ideas.

Google has positioned itself to create opportunities for tech companies that are rising with its latest being the Nashville Entrepreneur Center to awaken the entrepreneurial spirit that is inherent in Music City.
The Nashville Entrepreneur Center is only one out of the ten locations found in North America that stand in as the Tech Hub Network for the program. Every of these venues is outfitted with business tools from Google and infrastructure that is updated constantly so that they can be competitive enough with the growing trend as well as know the latest announcement on Google Fiber and when it unveils. The program is in accordance with Google’s enthusiasm when it comes to small businesses and technology.

Raley will be in charge of the membership accounts that will also help him see the people that make use of the workspace more often. In as much as the center does not have a specific target group, Raley, however, said that people in their late 20s and early 30s who have an interest in the tech industry will be most attracted.
He corroborated what Sipe said when he said that such Fiber from Google will attract big businesses that will trickle down to other people as well as college graduates that can also benefit from it.

He also said that small businesses can use the name they will make from the program to further their business career.

The legislation that will guard Google Fiber is making some progress and this indicated that many more entrepreneurs and startup spaces will tap into the benefit that high-powered tool has in terms of its attraction and usefulness.