Google Trips finally Available for Android and iOS


Great news for all travelers! Google Trips is finally here and from today available for Android and iOS! If you may recall, we have several months behind us since the first rumors about this app appeared on the web, and now Google announced it and its available for both platforms.

If you are not familiar with this app, then you must be asking what exactly Google Trips is?
Google made this app to help you gather all of your information about your previous trips, restaurants, reservations, things to do and so on, into a single device – Your. It is basically a pocket-sized tour guide which will be able to provide you the essential information needed for each trip like day plans, reservations, routes and much more that is there for you at your fingertips.

It utilizes Gmail and accesses your e-mails every time you make a reservation and get the confirmation for it so it could be displayed on the “Reservations” category in the Trips app. Same goes for flight or restaurant reservations. Pretty neat.

Trips app boasts with one more unique feature, and that is “No WiFi – no problem!” meaning that once you have downloaded the app you can use it even if you do not have the internet connection. This app downloads all the info about your destination that you need directly to the phone (most of the info included into the app comes directly from the other users) and does not bother with the connectivity issues. This is a great feature for those thrill seekers that are ready to travel to places without a healthy cell coverage.

It is, as we said, now available worldwide and you can download it from Google play or App Store depending which device you use or search from.
Stay safe and happy trips to you all!