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Today, Google, an Alphabet Inc owned company announced that Google would launch its Android Skills Program in India. As a result, Google plans to train and hire thousands of developers every day.

The Android Skills Program will be made public in more than 2000 universities in India, with the support of the Indian government and it is expected to be a major strike against Apple, who had been trying to exploit the intelligence of the Indian  people for over 10 years now.

Android developer program to benefit Indians

The program  will also help a lot Indian people as it is expected that there will be around 4M developers by the end of 2018, which will result in an increase in their economy. As soon as The National Skills Development Corporation of India makes it available for just Rs. 6,500 everyone in India.

As long as they take the course and also the examination will be able to own the Android Skills Certification, which implies a job at Google. But not just that, the Certification proves that its owner is qualified in Android systems, which means that they would be able to get a job in whatever android-based facility.

However, Apple and Google are not the only competitors for the young Indian talents, as the BCOR, Blucora Inc., Blue Calypso and BCYP – largely renowned companies – are also struggling to attract as many Indian youths as they can get. And they are doing a really good job at it, as Google is located in top 4 when it comes to the amount of workers in India, and Apple is on top 2. Moreover, Apple had opened a Development Accelerator in Bangalore, in May 2016, whereas, iOS developers are allowed to use tools to create a bunch of iOS apps, which stands as a great competition for Google, obviously.

However, Google took a major step in the Indian territory by making its Android Skills Program available, as more and more excited youth plan to take the android market and create new software, apps and work on the development.

To sum up, Google’s initiative raises a major opportunity for young developers to enhance their abilities and increase their budget, as we all now, Google seems to buy quite generous when it comes abut its developers – Generosity that you can see on the Google campus and the social status of a Google developer and of course in the salary.


  1. Sounds like Google wants to create a deflationary race to the bottom. Google should remember, of course, that even Android itself is susceptible to being taken over, and the Google parts being removed in favour of stuff that might benefit other entities.

  2. You have to wonder, does Google really want to create this kind of disincentive to US STEM workers? US STEM workers are the greatest engineers, mathematicians, and scientists that the world has ever seen. With Google flooding the market with Android developers from India, perhaps these STEM workers decide to look for greener pastures. Then if/when no Android products come out of India, perhaps the technology pursued by US STEM workers eclipses pathetic Android products.

  3. It will be a civil war. First, software development is a highly political world. I predict that it will be a madhouse. There will be a bunch of hungry, competitive developers, each trying to make their marks running into other hungry, competitive developers. It will be a madhouse.


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