Google set to finally shut down Panoramio


After November 4, Panoramio, a photo sharing service that is location-centric that Google got in 2007 will show its last image. The company used it for a long time to support its Google Earth and Maps with the help of crowdsourced imagery. Panoramio seized to be important the moment that Google integrated Google Maps for mobile apps with photo uploads and also after releasing its Local Guides program.

The first attempt to shut it down was made in 2014 but for the petition of those that were making use of it at the time who succeeded in keeping it working. But this time around, the company seems to have reached a final decision on it.

Google has already sent out an email to Panoramio users notifying them of the shut down that is about to happen while urging them to make use of other programs that will allow them to carry out the same function.

When the company was prevented from closing it down, the company said it will look into coming up with something that will work as Panoramio in its Google Maps and have called on users to join Local Guides program as well as use Google Maps in uploading their photo directly.

Google will automatically copy the images of those that have linked their Google account with Panoramio to Google Album archive. Then for a year, Panoramio users will be able to have access to their photos in Panoramio.

Although users of Panoramio are unsurprisingly not impressed, the company is known to get rid of services that in their opinion have no usefulness anymore which sadly apply to Panoramio despite the small community that makes use of the service.